G2 Product EOL Announcement

Standard power supply manufacture, MEAN WELL, has announced the G2 product family will be phased-out and officially end-of-life (EOL) this year. The last buy order will be closed at 2017/9/30. It means that the evergreen product with 28 years of product life, is about to go into history.

Thanks to G2, MEAN WELL first landed Europe

"In 1989, MEAN WELL launched the first series of G2 product~ S-100F series. When the founder Jerry Lin received the first TUV certificate and EMC test report from German engineer, it represented that MEAN WELL took the ticket to enter to Europe,” recalled by David Wang, R&D Director who serve more than 30 years in MEAN WELL. Indeed, the launch of G2 series not only accelerate the steps to toward international market, but also quickly grabbed the beachhead in EU, which has its historically significance.

S-100F acquired CE certificated in 1990

28 years ago, MEAN WELL G2 products passed the CE test and successfully knocked on the European portal. The next few years, MEAN WELL successively launched thousands of models to market and participated in Electronica München Exhibition. Through attentive visits, MEAN WELL met many European distributors. Thanks to their cooperation and supports, MEAN WELL’s excellent cost-effective products can be promoted to the whole Europe, and gradually establish a well-known brand. Till now, in major European countries, MEAN WELL has its long-tern channel partners.
With high cost-effective advantages, G2 product became the hot selling items for many distributors during their start-up period. Till now, more than 100 million of units have been sold all over the world and many old customers continue to purchase. It can be listed as the most evergreen product in MEAN WELL product lines. According to AC-DC/ DC-DC merchant power supply report., issued by IHS research in 2016, MEAN WELL was ranked NO.3 in European area and was the fast-growing supplier. If chasing the source, G2 products really made contribution!

G2 exit, LRS take over

Today, due to the continuous updates of new components, design concepts and rules regulated by the governments (such as EN55022 upgrade to EN55032), people require higher performance and better quality of power supplies. G2 series, accompany us for 28 years, the mission is accomplished. They will be replaced by smaller, higher efficiency, and better cost-effective power supplies~ LRS series, RSP series and 5-year warranty high reliable power supplies-HRP series.

Last Buy Notice

How to smooth the product transition period is always our goal. To provide customers with ample time for replacement, MEAN WELL provides the last buy plan as below.

Last buy:2017/09/ 30
MOQ: 200 pcs/ lot
Leadtime: 90 days (Delivery by Dec of 2017)

Please refer to the “Discontinued Product List” for more details.


Alex Tsai/ Marketing Department