After ELG family being adopted into globally certified cables, we have gotten very positive responses from market. Customers also strongly recommend the HLG family should be also upgraded, in order to further expand the application range and support LED clients on global product promotion. Therefore, MEAN WELL has completed the upgrades of HLG family and introduced the globally certified cables now. Hereunder is the revision information.


I. Globally certified cables: input/output/dimming wiring upgrade


The HLG family were originally planned to use UL type cables; when sold to certain countries (e.g. China, Australia, Japan, etc.), the wiring must be changed according to local regulation and the end product need to be certified in turn, which is a very time-consuming flow. Besides, there will be MOQ requirement for the specific cables; the stock and cost for these cables are also a problem, compared to the standard models. In order to resolve the issues regarding stock and cost management resulting from local regulations and requirements for cables, and to enhance product application scopes, MEAN WELL introduces the industry-leading globally certified cables- compliant with UL (for North America), VDE (for Europe), CCC (for China), KC (for Korea), RCM (for Australia), BSMI (for Taiwan), IEC 60245-4 Cabo (for Brazil) and PSE (for Japan)- to the suitable models of HLG family [Note1].

With the globally certified cables MEAN WELL introduces, HLG family will be upgraded as the only standard LED drivers with UL, ENEC, CCC, KC, PSE, and BSMI in the market as well as 7-year warranty that benefits distributor partners and end customers not only on product stock management but also the promotion for LED light market which continues growing.


II. Labelling layout and format change


As the input/output/dimming wiring of HLG family have been upgraded to globally certified cables (Spec: SJOW 17AWG 2C & H05RN-F 1.0mm2 )[Note1], to enable customers to clearly identify the wires, MEAN WELL also change the label stickers to the new version. Please refer to the instructions on the next page for a description of the revised information..

[Note1] Some models of HLG family are beyond the specifications of global certification cable regulations. Those models cannot be simultaneously upgraded but keeping the original wires. For more details, please contact MEAN WELL’s sales representatives or technical service department.

MEAN WELL will continue improving market competitiveness for products. For the revision work advised above, MEAN WELL has finished updating certificates series in succession. The incurred cost increase due to this upgrade will be 100% taken in by MEAN WELL that no corresponding adjustment will be applied to the pricing. Should there be any questions with respect to this revision, please refer to the latest specification announced on MEAN WELL’s corporate website or contact with MEAN WELL sales representatives.


Product upgrade and revision illustration

Original Label
New Label
Regarding globally
certified cables
[1] Chinese translation and rated power added.
[2] Cable color—Input side

ACL: brown wire / ACN : blue wire /
FG: green&yellow wire

[2] Cable color—Output side

main output Vo+ : brown wire / Vo- : blue wire

main output Vo+ : brown wire / Vo-: blue wire
DIM+ : brown wire with gray heat shrinkable tube
DIM- : blue wire with black heat shrinkable tube

Others [3] INPUT end and OUTPUT end are clearly identified.

[4] In addition to UL and ENEC, CCC mark is added to the standard models.

[5] The maximum Tcase point location is identified.

First upgraded series: HLG-150H/185H/240H/320H & HLG-185H/240H-C series. (Production site: MEAN WELL Hwadu new factory)

Series Upgrade Schedule Production Lot Number
HLG-240H-C 2016/12/19 W1701B
HLG-185H-C 2016/12/19 W1701B
HLG-320H-V 2016/12/17 W1701C
HLG-240H-V 2016/12/24 W1701D
HLG-185H/150H-V 2016/12/31 W1702A