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  1. Boosted Boards designs and builds powerful lightweight electric vehicles commonly known as electronic skateboards.   The Boosted board is what they call a “Last Mile” vehicle: transportation used in-conjunction with some other transportation system.  Boosted was founded in 2012 by students from Stanford University, who delivered a TED talk on the subject in 2013.
  3. The team at Boosted Boards have created an electric vehicle that weighs less than a bicycle, can be carried in your hand, charges off a wall outlet and runs for 1,000 kilometers on about a dollar’s worth of electricity.  Essentially, Boosted Boards are a souped-up version of a skateboard that runs on a tiny motor, powerful enough to take you up the famous hills of San Francisco at 10 miles per hour. These boards are highly maneuverable and have a handheld remote that allows for acceleration and braking. Its battery on extended models has a range of up to 14 miles.  
  4. At Boosted, we’re dedicated to solving problems and making life better, especially transportation. We want cities to feel smaller, campuses to be more accessible, and commutes to actually be enjoyable. We’re on a mission to bring fun, fast, simple transportation to everyone through lightweight, electric vehicles. 

    For more information, please refer to Boosted wbsite(https://boostedboards.com/).