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The focus of LED light specialist CooLED Corp. in recent years has been on industrial and outdoor lighting. This year, the company is aiming for 50% revenue growth and hopes to pass the NT$100 million market next year. Assistant Vice President Ching-Chih Lin said that most of the growth next year will be driven by a number of energy-saving projects over the next two years. Their close cooperation with leading power supply maker MEAN WELL and their obtaining a CNS and energy-saving certification marks for the company's ceiling light series playing an important part as well.

CooLED was founded in 2010 by Chairman Hsiang-Hsu Wang. The company specializes in the manufacturing of different lighting products. The COOLED brand was registered in the first year and in Japan in 2012. All products are now available through Taiwan-wide channels with the bulk being 12~200W medium and high powered lights. The transmittance of ceiling lights can even reach up to 37,000 lumens.

Despite a very competitive market, CooLED's unique product design, careful market selection and fabrication of high lighting-efficiency lighting fixture offer high energy-savings with a cost advantage. Products now on the market generally average between 80 ~ 100 lumen per watt. Lin said that CooLED can achieve 110 ~ 130 lumen for a 30 ~ 50% increase in lighting effectiveness. Higher lighting effectiveness is the goal of the COOLED brand and is critical to the competitiveness of CooLED.

The company has successfully duplicated its experience in Malaysia and Indonesia through technology exports and supply of raw materials. The CooLED brand can therefore be found in Southeast Asia and has built up significant visibility in the regions. Support and investments in other Malaysian and Indonesian peers has helped CooLED extend its marketing reach to Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand as well.

CooLED is also involved in engineering projects. A classic example of this is serving as the general lighting contractor for indoor/outdoor lighting installations at Working House stores. The project was conducted in the ESCO format and Lin said "only high-quality products dare to use ESCO." CooLED agrees that MEAN WELL's drivers are the best choice available; as the maintenance costs of outdoor lighting are several times higher than their parts, the move is supported by the rest of the industry as well. While the power supply accounts for a significant proportion of a lighting's costs high quality still came first.

For more information, please visit COOLED website (http://www.cooled.com.tw/)。