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JMLED is one of MEAN WELL's key customers. JMLED general manager Kway Lin said that MEAN WELL's power supply products had won the Taiwan Excellence Award. JMLED believes in its quality so made MEAN WELL its long-term supplier for power supplies.

The JMLED brand created by the JMLED Lighting Alliance has established a strong reputation after 8 years of steady development. Orders grew by more than 50% this year and a goal of surpassing NT$300 million in revenues has been set for the year. JMLED was created by the Janman Group. Founded thirty years ago, Janman Precision has many years of experience in mold development, manufacturing of critical parts and injection molding. Customers included leading semiconductor and optoelectronic manufacturers as well as the Foxconn Group. The group's annual consolidated revenues amount to approximately NT$600 million.

Lin stated that JMLED inherited Janman's experience in precision molds and mechanical design. It has also mastered the techniques needed for IC packaging. It now produces 20 ~ 150W LED lighting fixtures of all types for use industrial lighting, outdoor spot lights and street lights. JMLED has partnered with engineering companies to complete a number of projects throughout Taiwan and the domestic market account for 70% of all sales; export sales grew significantly this year and strong gains were made in Vietnam and Indonesia through supporting the government's New Southward Policy. Assembly lines are now being set up in these regions and will be commissioned in July.

Lin emphasized that JMLED"s strength is in R&D. It also uses the best light-emitting devices and power supplies on the market together with the best mechanical design and cooling solutions to maintain the high-quality of JMLED. New products will be unveiled at the TILS this year including a portable light with a recommended retail price of $3,500. It is as easy to carry as a torch and is suitable for factory maintenance and inspection operations; this portable light is apparently the first of its type in the market. It uses materials supplied by C.S. Aluminum Corp. and has received a very favorable rating from ChinaSteel. MEAN WELL has also nominated it for the Alladin's Lamp competition in China being held in June this year.

For more information, please visit JMLED website (http://jmled.tw)。