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LUXTRONIK Technology Company Limited in Shenzhen is a company with innovation, research and development, production, and marketing ability. It is a high-tech enterprise that takes possession of the latest energy-saving products, LED luminaire, and complete LED lighting engineer project that includes design, construction, and maintenance.

LUXTRONIK manufactures a variety of LED’s indoor/outdoor lighting. For example, LED high-bay light 80W-500W, flood light 60W-1000W, LED projection light 60W-1000W, gas station light 80W-200W and other new series of innovated energy-saving products. Products are also widely applied to industrial and business lighting, such as the industrial warehouse, stadium, conference and exhibition center, billboard, People’s Square, airport, military searching, and oil depot’s anti-explosion lighting.

All of the products are developed and made by LUXTRONIK, and had already been certified and protected by international and national invention patent. LUXTRONIK gathered first-rated experts from optics, electron, structure, and appearance, creating a high-quality, professional-qualification team in the R&D base of LED-engineer doctors.

LUXTRONIK introduced the most advanced manufacture equipment among internationals. Not only did it include the LED composing room but also the manufacturing plant of radiator mold to compose a complete LED produce line. By achieving ceaseless improvement in radiation and structure techniques, LUXTRONIK effectively enhanced the environmental condition of LED, making its lifespan more guaranteed than ever before.

LUXTRONIK lead the technology of LED lighting appliance to keep on innovating and established the self-owned brand with high-power LED luminaire. They never stop harvesting new technology achievements in the field and provide customers with a new generation of LED lighting products that are more energy-saving, safe, and environmental-friendly.

For more information, please visit LUXTRONIK website (http://luxtronik-tech.com)。