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Hsinchu Stadium : Neotroni luminaire ECO1000 with MEAN WELL PSU HLG-320H

Neotroni specializes in niche LED lighting applications. Products with 100W or more form the backbone of the business but it also supplies special products rated for up to 1000W. According to company president Chih-Pin Chen, the Neotroni brand is now sold in 16 countries around the world. In addition to industrial lighting, its market share in applications with particularly high requirements on brightness such as docks and playing fields is now higher than 70%.

Neotroni was founded in 2008 during the recession. Its outstanding results after ten years of quiet effort makes it the uncrowned king of the industry. The company has long worked with MEAN WELL, another company considered to be the uncrowned king of its industry in a perfect example for partnership of strength. Neotroni offers a wide range of ceiling lights and spot lights as well as solar-powered LED street lights. Chen stated that a 500W high-mast LED light is brightness enough to replace 1,000W HID or sodium lights. A surge in replacements saw Neotroni revenues reach NT$160 million last year and there is a good chance this figure will double within three years.

Europe and the US are Neotroni's key export markets. It has long used the best LED IC from Osram, Nichia and CREE while an integrated design approach to optics, heat dissipation and power supply is used to deliver a competitive advantage. Heat dissipation remains the most vexing problem in LED lighting especially for products in the hundred-watt range; Neotroni has now spent seven years on researching heat sinks and die-casts its own aluminum lighting fixtures. High-quality metal base plates ensure that products don't suffer from "heat stress." Neotroni's expertise in optical design rivals that of professional optical design companies as well.

MEAN WELL supplies up to 80% of the special high-wattage power supplies used by MEAN WELL. Neotroni adopted the MEAN WELL 600W power supply quit early. It is also cautiously optimistic about the thousand-watt grade product will soon reach the market. In the past, Neotroni combined multiple power supplies together to achieve a thousand-watt. Only one will be needed in this future so it is really looking forward to this new product.

Neotroni has been working on smart and system technologies in the last two years and the results are beginning to pay off. Chen drew on his past experience in the IT industry to create smarter, easier to use and even more efficient LED sensors through the integration of IoT technology and sensors. Demand should therefore triple over the next three years. Unlike large international brands such as Philips and Siemens that have developed large systems for building automation, Chen said that Neotroni has changed its strategy to emphasize small, multi-function intelligent control systems. These systems with operating software and apps aim to capture the distributed market through a very high cost-to-performance ratio.

The Neotroni factory is located in Taichung. Products for export are manufactured in-house while domestic demand is met through three contract manufacturers. The domestic market currently accounts for around 55% of total sales. The company is optimistic on the future of the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian markets so may invest in these regions in the future.

For more information, please visit NEOTRONI website (https://www.neotroni.com/)。