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Oreon is a Dutch innovative developer and manufacturer of high-tech LED grow lights. Oreon started more than 10 years ago with years and years of research. Throughout these years many tests have been implemented. The first commercial project with water-cooled LED fixtures of Oreon was installed back in 2009. Now, the LED fixtures are worldwide deployed in the horticulture industry above various types of crops.

Oreon stands for innovation, quality and flexibility. Our mission is to offer growers customized LED lighting solutions, to further optimize their growth and business case.

The Oreon Grow Lights are available in various spectra, making sure the LED fixtures are suitable for different types of crops. The unique water-cooled concept ensures the LEDs and electronic parts are continuously cooled, which is the best guarantee for trouble-free growing for many years. The water-cooling makes it also possible to produce high lighting levels with a high efficiency and offers the opportunity to re-use the gained heat. Together with the custom designed lens this results in a fixture being efficient enough for evenly lighting a very large area.

In addition to the continuous development of the market potential and the worldwide increasing desire for artificial lighting, Oreon is working closely together with renowned partners from all over the world to further optimize the business case.

For more information, please visit OREON website (http://www.oreon-led.com)