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About Shinyu

ShinyU is known for the production of high-power LED lighting. An avalanche of orders from big accounts saw Q1 revenues shooting up like a rocket; CEO Jing-ching Lin expects total revenues for the year to double, making it the best results ever in the company's 8-year history.

As ShinyU's supplier for power supplies, MEAN WELL has seen its orders from ShinyU growing by several-fold as well. Lin puts the business upturn this year not only down to natural growth in the market but also because of years of solid management, the business reputation and word-of-mouth this established, and increased market acceptance of their products.

Lin spent his early years working for the ITRI Mechanical Laboratory before becoming the president of Gallant Precision Machining Co., Ltd. 21 years ago. He is familiar with the semiconductor industry as well as solar and hybrid wind/solar systems. He eventually made a career out of LED street lights and became an expert on LEDs. An analysis by Lin found that improvements in LED efficiency means greater power savings and a shortening of return on investment from 3 ~ 4 years to 18 months or even less than 1 year now; on the other hand, solar power systems used for power generation take at least 5 years to begin turning a profit so there are significant differences between the two.

ShinyU mainly produces high-power LED lighting fixtures rated between 40 ~ 500W. The ceiling lights and wall washers sold under the "ShinyU" stand out because of their "long throw." Examples from cross-strait projects include the lighting posts at the Jhubei Stadium in Hsinchu with an effective projection distance of over 130m. The high-powered wall washer lights installed at an all new high-rise in Pudong, Shanghai, can light up the entire front facade more than twenty stories in height.

A number of factors contribute to ShinyU's excellent quality. The COB light source used by the company involves a number of patents in heat breakdown, conduction and dissipation. More than a dozen optical designs have also been developed to provide the best lighting effects in different applications with power savings of up to 90%. Lin said that the 500W ShinyU light can replace a 2300W HID light. It also sets a record for zero light decay after 6,000 hours during SGS testing. The four lighting posts in the sports park of Jhubei Stadium for example are fitted with 55 lamps per post. Lin noted that after 10 were changed to LED lamps, only 6 ~ 7 lamps were needed to be turned on each light to provide sufficient illumination for the general public exercising at night. This was a perfect example of energy conservation and efficiency.

Around 80% of the power supplies used by ShinyU are supplied by MEAN WELL. More than 10,000 lamps are purchased each year. Lin said that the MEAN WELL brand is so well-known that "it must be used by lighting makers because it is specified by the customer" on some occasions. MEAN WELL offers full voltage power supplies and the maximum possible support with a 7-year warranty.

ShinyU's record revenues and profitability provide a harbinger of positive things to come after the Hermes-Epitek Group took a stake in the company last year. Over ten steel refineries with ambient temperatures of 70-degrees have begun adopting LED lighting on a large scale after more than four years of use with no light decay. Japanese orders are beginning to come in as well. After many years of observation and evaluation, a well-known Japanese company has now decided to make ShinyU its primary supplier.

For more information, please visit ShinyU website (http://www.shinyou.com.tw)