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Established in 2002, StrongLED has been synonymous with the design and development of cutting-edge LED lighting systems and solutions, meeting customer needs around the world. An innovative R & D team, patented systems and proprietary LED technology continues to drive StrongLED forward as a leading global brand that redefines illumination.


Since our beginnings, our emphasis on innovation and imagination have allowed us to break new ground and expand into new markets while enhancing its core competencies in line with our value and mission. Our core competencies and exceptional customer service make StrongLED stand out in the industry even among long-established companies in the international market.


StrongLED’s experienced engineering team has enabled us undertake specialized projects and tasks, establishing us as a significant global presence in the industry. We particularly focus on software development and LED lighting solutions.

For more information, please visit Epoch website (http://www.strongled.com/index)