Brand Story

In 1982, MEAN WELL’s founder, Mr. Jerry Lin established MEAN WELL enterprise to produce Apple, IBM compatible switching power supply as main products. The original brand name "MEAN WELL" was derived from his English dictionary. MEAN WELL means "have good intentions".

"MEAN WELL" was derived from his English dictionary

This meaning is consistent with Mr. Lin’s personal belief - one who has right thinking, good intention and runs a legitimated business, no matter he is capable of accomplishing a noble goal or not, he should persist and conquer. Later on, from the similar English pronunciation of “MEAN WELL”, it further came up with 「明緯」as the Chinese company name.

In 1986, Taiwan’s OEM/ODM orders for electronic industry were booming, however, MEAN WELL gradually abandoned this business model and decided to cultivate our own brand. We started to develop standard switching power supplies and paid much more attention on quality and reliability. ”MEAN WELL means Quality Switching Power Supply”, this slogan is actually the extension of the original of the enterprise. We provide the best quality of power supplies based on the belief of sincerity, so that our clients feel reliable about the brand “MEAN WELL”. MEAN WELL represents “The Mark of Reliability”.

1987 MEAN WELL company in Banqiao

In 1993, MEAN WELL implemented ISO9001 and Total Quality Management (TQM). We established a complete quality system and acquired ISO9001. Further, TQM committee was set up to clearly define MEAN WELL’s quality policy and corporate principals. The spirit of the brand and quality requirement deeply infused into our daily works.

MEAN WELL’s quality policy and corporate principals

In 1997, we modified our CIS (Corporate Identity System) and designed a new slogan ”Your Reliable Power Partner”. We sure-footedly nurture the core of our competitiveness- P, Q, C, D, S, R (Products, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service and Reliable Relationship). We continue to provide reliable power supplies to customers in the long term and become their reliable power partner.

In 2010, MEAN WELL was awarded the “Taiwan Superior Brands 2010” title by the Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT). The purpose of holding the contest is to encourage Taiwan domestic enterprises to build their own brand. MEAN WELL is honored to be granted this award which greatly encourages us for the efforts and marketing achievements in promoting and cultivating “MEAN WELL” brand.