After dedicating about a year into the development, integrating the market demands for the “enclosed type” / “rack mountable” power supplies and chargers, MEAN WELL is pleased to unveil four new products all at one time, the 1600W single output programmable power supplies and chargers (or say, the RxP-1600 family), and a new rack shelf:
• RSP-1600— Programmable Enclosed Type Power Supply
• RCP-1600— Programmable Rack Mountable Front End Rectifier
• RPB-1600— Intelligent Battery Charger
• RCB-1600— Rack Mountable Front End Battery Charger
• RHP-1U —1U-high 19” rack shelf (workable with RCP-1600 or RCB-1600)

These four new 1600W power supply and charger series operate for the full range single phase input 90~264VAC, consisting of various models ranging between 12DC and 48VDC, respectively. In addition to the output programmable function, each standard series is equipped with PMBus (exception: optional spec for RSP-1600) and the under-planning CANBus, enabling RSP/RCP-1600 series perform the higher level signal monitor or output read/write function, or permitting the users to flexibly setting up and adjusting the charging curves for RPB/RCB-1600.

With the high power density 25W/inch3 and the highest efficiency up to 93.5%, the main body of the RxP-1600 family is 1U by height and 85mm by width, making them perfectly meet the requirements of the controllability for high wattage power supplies and the trend of miniature for the power supplies and chargers. RSP-1600 and RCP-1600, as well as RPB-1600 and RCB-1600, utilizing the same level circuit design; users can acquire as high as 24000W output according to application environment and the built-in current sharing function. Each model from the RxP-1600 family acquires the major safety certificates in the world, such as UL, CUL, TUV and CE; moreover, 5 year warranty is offered so as to present the best guarantee for safety and reliability.

MEAN WELL programmable power supply and charger series outstandingly fit a variety of applications (for example, aging facility, semiconductor testing instruments), providing the power solution with high stability and high cost-performance ratio for the diversified systems needing output voltage or current adjustable, allowing uses to easily change the output voltage or constant current level by applying external voltage or resistance.

For further information about these four new products, please refer to the following table.


    ◎1 MEAN WELL will introduce the solution with CANBus. Please contact MEAN WELL for details.

    ◎2 RHP-1U standard size shelf (365x440x44mm) fits both RCP-1600 and RCB-1600 modules
          (one type of product used for one shelf at a time.) One stack of a fully-populated shelf is able to provide
          up to 8000W; up to 3 stacks with RCP-1600 are able to operate in parallel to provide up to 24000W



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