Responding to novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) MEAN WELL Group production and operation adjustment notice (2020/02/24)


Dear Valued Customers,

With the implementation of the quarantine policy from Chinese government, effectively isolating affected people, and dispatching medical teams and resources from both central and provincial governments to support Wuhan, the numbers of newly diagnosed and cured discharge has gradually improved. At present, the overall epidemic situation is slowly getting under control. WHO has also published a report on the stability of the novid-19 epidemic, and the global stock market has remained stable during this period. In the future, the new type of coronavirus pneumonia should also follow a similar influenza pattern.

Meanwhile, the epidemic situation in non-Hubei region has declined, and local governments have also shifted from a “closed management” policy to actively assisting enterprises to return to work as fast as they can. Starting from today, Chinese officials will implement separation management by region and level, and has lowered the emergency response level of major public health incidents. Suzhou and Guangzhou have been lowered to second level and resumed to work gradually.

China’s epidemic has a huge impact on the supply chain of the global electronic and machinery industry. Experts have reduced the GDP growth rate one after another. Enterprises have asked government to pay attention to economic aid programs. The government did release stimulate plans to revitalize the economy and help enterprises. MEAN WELL, as a global standard power supply leader, the responsibly lies heavily on our shoulders.

Currently, Mean Well Group continues to adopt “gradually return to work” mode, the following actions are being implement:
  1. Provide consistent purchase orders to our suppliers:
    Since 2/10, the factory has resumed production and processed orders normally, providing stable purchase orders to our suppliers.
  2. Care for employees / partners:
    Continue to care for partners and employees who have not returned to work, reschedule a new production chart and leading the way to resume normal production operation with our supplier partners.
  3. Partner hardship relief program:
    For partners who is in difficulty and need to apply for this program, please communicate with your contact window. For supplier partners, please cc our Chief Operation Officer Kevin Chen( For distributor partners, please cc our Great China Director Alex Tsai(
  4. Group annul activity delaying:
    The Taiwan/ China distribution conference which is held in March will be changed to Webinar. For shows such as INALIGHT 2020 (Indonesia/Jakarta), CMEF 2020 (China/Shanghai), KIMES 2020 (Korea/Seoul), Light + Building 2020 (Germany, Frankfurt), MEAN WELL group will cooperate with show organizer whether to postpone or cancel.
  5. Production delivery plan:
    The normal delivery lead time is 30 days. Starting on Feb 1st, it is changed to 45 days. MEAN WELL will try our best to shorten the lead time and by Mar 1st, lead time will plan to be shortened to 40 days, 35 days by Apr 1st ,and 30 days by May 1st.