China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF)-MEAN WELL Brought out Cutting Edge Medical Power Supplies

The largest fair of medical equipment, related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region, China International Medicinal Equipment Fair (CMEF), was held at Shanghai National Convention & Exhibition Center from 2018.4.11 ~ 14!
As the health awareness is raising, household medical devices becomes more and more prevalent. During the fair, MEAN WELL medical grade configurable modular power supply-NMP650/1K2 Series (650W/1200W) successfully gained crowd attention due to its high-ends functions. NMP family has Independent output module slots and an ultra-wide output voltage range, which enable users to set and modify output voltage, current and wattage according to their demands. The NMP series meets medical safety regulation (60601-1), and the circuitry design also refers to IT industry regulations, 62368-1.
MEAN WELL also showcased the latest high density medical power supply including AC/DC MPM/MFM-15/20 Series (15W/20W) and MPM/MFM-05/10/30 Series (5W/10W/30W) with 2 x MOPP certificate. Their miniaturization design makes them a perfect solution for whom having higher demands for size. As for desktop adaptor, GSM family, GSM06 series~ GSM220 series, offer various voltage output (5Vdc~48 Vdc). Furthermore, the output plug can be replaced according to users’ requirements, which fully satisfies the needs of various medical electrical equipments.
MEAN WELL has been devoted to power supplies for 36 years, owning over 70 series,400 medical related standard power supply models. All the products are compliant with DoE Level VI and safety regulations, providing the highest level protection to patients and medical staff.
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