XLG-150/200 Series 150/200W LED Power Supply

To offer a complete product choice, the XLG-150/200 series (150/ 200W) is soon officially unveiled after the launch of XLG-25/50/75 /100 series (25/50/75 /100W). The whole series adopts constant power mode design, which is convenient for customers to design and adjust driver current for various LED light sources.
Besides, adopting constant power and wide current range adjustable design, XLG series has other voltage output choices, such as 12V/24V output for constant voltage applications, and L/M/H types output for constant current applications, fulfilling customer demands of different LED design and usage.

  • 12V and 24V Output Design

         12V and 24V models are suitable for general indoor and outdoor lighting project, including waterproof light strips/advertising light boxes or voltage sources with DMX control.

  • L Type Design

         L type is designed for a full power operation from 700 m A to 1050 m A. The adjustable output current allows customers to adjust driver current and wattage. The wattage range covers from 25W to 240W for selection based on different forward-voltage.

  • M Type Design
       The constant current of M type models is adjustable from 1400 m A to 2100 m A for full-power output design. The M Type is only available for 150W; however, XLG-150-M Type is available for 100W applications.
  • H Type Design
           The H type design is a full power operate based on 56V output and provides different driver currents for different wattage usage. H Type is applicable for under 56V Forward-Voltage COB LED or SMD LED circuit, especially a perfect fit for luminaires require compliance with a SELV <60V.

*XLG-240W will be released in May

XLG Series is able to reach the highest surge protection, 10k V/6k V , according to EN61547 and EN61000-4-5 regulation, suitable for any outdoor luminaire application. Another highlight of XLG series design is input over voltage protection (IOVP) which is especially for unstable AC source. When AC input is high than 320v AC, the power supply will be cut off for protection to further reduce the failure rate of luminaire.

  • Full power at 70~100% operation.(Constant Power mode)
  • Wide input range 100-305V AC(Class I).
  • Protection function: SCP/OVP/OTP.
  • 3 in 1 dimming function with isolation design.
  • Surge protection: 6KV/4KV (10KV/6KV optional)
  • India (EESL) version with Input over voltage protection.
  • Lifetime >50,000 hrs and 5 years warranty



XLG-150 Series    XLG-200 Series