Product Revision Notice: The WEEE Mark is Removed from MEAN WELL LED Driver

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) is the product recycling mechanism required by the EU, which is mainly for the collection, recycling and recycling of the waste electrical and electronic equipment. The content includes the establishment of a recycling system for waste electronic products and a statutory recovery rate and recovery target.
As the LED Driver is a built-in product for luminaires instead of the terminal products, there is no need to place WEEE marks on the external stickers and the laser engraved printing stickers.  As a result, after thorough consideration, the WEEE mark ()is removed from the external stickers and the laser engraved printing stickers of MEAN WELL LED driver.                                    
The revision will be carried out on 2018/10/08 (production lot: W1810D). The revised series include: APC, APV, CEN, CLG, DAP-04, ELG, ELG-C, ELGT-150-C, ELN, FDLC, HBG, HEP, HLG, HLG-C, HLN, HVG, HVG-C, IDLC, IDLV, LCM, LPF, NPF, ODLC, ODLV, OWA, PCD, PLC, PLD, PLM, PLN, PWM, GSC。Should there be any questions, please contact MEAN WELL sales representatives.
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