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Dear Partners,

Last week, the global cases confirmed of coronavirus have exceeded 113.7 million, causing more than 2.52 million death. The increasing rate of past 7 days compared to the past 14 days is 105.10%; the epidemic in the USA is slightly heating up; in Europe, the epidemic in France is turning over and over again; in Asia, the number of confirmed cases in India has surged recently.

The first batch of free coronavirus vaccines provided by the Global Access Mechanism for Covid-19 Vaccine (COVAX) has arrived in Ghana, West Africa. The COVAX has aimed to provide free 2 billion doses of vaccines to 92 low- and middle-income countries this year. The World Health Organization stated that people can apply for compensation if the vaccine has side effects. Israel is the country with the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate, and it was published in the "New England Journal of Medicine" to study 1.2 million people who have been vaccinated. Pfizer's vaccine protection rate reached 94%.

The Group of 20 (G20) meeting stated that the current global epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery are still facing difficulties. At present, we should focus on supporting the control of the epidemic through measures such as vaccine supply and distribution to create an environment for sustainable economic recovery; the president of the Fed said, the combination of strong financial support and the continuous distribution of vaccines will help the United States boost the economy, recover from the new crown epidemic, and create the strongest growth in more than a decade.

Taiwan Headquarters (Associate General Manager: Alex Tsai)

  1. According to the statistics of the command center, as of now, 951 cases have been confirmed in China, 835 cases have been imported from abroad. The 9 new cases this week are all imported from abroad, and 77 local cases are still maintained. The rest of the data has not changed.
  2. According to statistics, Taiwan has obtained about 30 million doses of vaccines through three channels, namely 4.76 million doses allocated by the global vaccine acquisition mechanism (COVAX) platform, 10 million doses of AZ vaccine purchased from pharmaceutical manufacturers and 5.05 million Doses of Modena vaccine, and pre-purchased about 10 million doses of domestic vaccines (there are 3 domestic vaccine factories, namely Guoguang Biotech, High-end Vaccine, and United Asia Biotech). At present, Taiwan has confirmed that it has received AZ and Modena vaccines. In the future, vaccines will be opened according to the priority order of each ethnic group. If one ethnic group is not finished, it will continue to open. If new vaccines come in, the original priority order will still be maintained. It doesn't matter if you have doubts about the vaccine once, and you want to call it later, the order of priority is retained.
  3. The production capacity of the Taiwan factory is full, to meet the strong demand of global customers after the economic recovery, replenish manpower and regularly arrange overtime, replenish inventory and increase the two-day delivery rate.

Guangzhou MEAN WELL (General Manager: Aden Wang)

  1. As of 2/26, a total of 2205 confirmed cases have been confirmed in Guangdong Province, and 42 cases are under treatment in the hospital.
  2. The government has promoted the local Chinese New Year policy during the Spring Festival this year. There have been no local confirmed cases in China for 12 consecutive days, and the medium- and high-risk areas have been cleared; for domestic cross-provincial activities, there is no need for the quarantine and acid test for non-key control personnel with green health code; foreign immigrants currently maintain a 14+7-day quarantine policy.
  3. As of 2/25, domestic COVID-19 vaccination has exceeded 40.52 million doses, and the vaccine will not be fully effective until 35 days after it is administered. However, 100% prevention cannot be achieved, and personal protection is still required.
  4. Driven by the gradual slowdown of the global epidemic and the rigid demand for economic recovery, Q1 orders continued to flourish. MEAN WELL, suppliers, and cooperating factories gradually increased production capacity, so as to stabilize supply and increased the two-day delivery rate.

Suzhou MEAN WELL (General Manager: Alan Liu)

  1. Last week, 1 new coronavirus cases, imported from abroad, were identified in Jiangsu Province, bringing the total number of cases to 704, while 698 people discharged from the hospitals after recovering, with 0 mortality.
  2. The medium and high risk level areas are cleared. Early March will be the turning point of the epidemic that it can be prevented and controlled normally. The situation before the epidemic is expected to be recovered by the end of the year.
  3. In 2021, Chinese government will focus on the development of 5G, driverless (big data), semiconductor chips, big health (drugs, health devices, medical equipment, health insurance, health management, etc.), new generation electronic information, cultural industries, etc.
  4. The orders of Q1 are sufficient. We will accelerate the development and apply of automation equipment and increase the production capacity to meet the customers’ needs.

MEAN WELL Europe (General Manager: Coleman)

  1. Netherlands lockdown extended again until 15th March. This week the confirmed cases in most EU countries increased compared to last week except for UK.
  2. EU leaders met on Thursday in discussion of an EU vaccination passport aiming to mobilize summer travels, however, no conclusion can be reached.
  3. EUMW continue to service and developing with customers in all sectors, meanwhile we will host sessions of online product seminar starting from 21st April.
  4. Order intake still at high level. With heated component supply chain, we ask customers to place order based on firm demand and also offer forecast orders. We might reject orders that is for stocking only.
  5. In light of slowdown of pandemic in major markets (except for Europe) as well as penetration of vaccines, EUMW will start hosting separate weekly COVID updates focused for EU regions.

MEAN WELL USA (General Manager: Leo)

  1. The positive rate in California (7-day average) dropped from 4.8% a week ago to 2.9%, and the positive rate in Alameda County dropped from 6.4% to 4.1%. The 14-day average number of confirmed in California dropped from 12,547 a week ago to 6,000.
  2. Educational institutions and other emergency service personnel will start vaccinating next week. Some schools will begin to let students return back to school in March.
  3. People between the ages of 16 and 65 who are considered to be at high risk can start vaccination after March 15 if the vaccine is sufficient.
  4. To avoid the impact of the 2nd quarter turnover from component shortages and shipment delay, the sales team has reached out key customer and confirms the status of ongoing projects. Long-term and regular orders should be arranged in advance or provide forecast demand in considering the extra delay caused.

ASIA (ASIAN Regional Manager: Leo Wu)

  1. Most countries in Asia Pacific region began to administer the vaccine in February and the number of confirmed cases in the region is expect to be initially controlled and further decline.
  2. Both China and India strongly support ASEAN vaccines to accelerate the return of regional economic operation to normal.
  3. Continue to combine online marketing and technical service to develop target industries such as medical, 5G, IOT, measurement equipment, etc.
  4. Hold the Online Asia Pacific distributor meeting on 4/9 to discuss regional development opportunities and important actions

Have good intentions, care our partners, provide the power of stability and assist industry to recover.

MEAN WELL Group Prevention Team 2021/03/02