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Dear Partners,

Last week, the global cases confirmed of coronavirus have exceeded 62.06 million, causing more than 1,440,000 death. The increasing rate of past 7 days compared to the past 14 days is 97.21%; the number of confirmed cases in the USA continue to increase at a rate of hundreds of thousands a day; the epidemic in Europe has eased because the preventions in countries have been upgraded; in terms of Asia, the epidemic keeps heating up in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The new coronavirus vaccine developed by American pharmaceutical Pfizer has applied the emergency use authorization to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA); American biotechnology company Moderna said it may also submit an application to the FDA on December 4; the new coronavirus vaccine jointly developed by the British pharmaceutical AstraZeneca and Oxford university has been questioned about its effectiveness by scientists and investors, AstraZeneca said they may conduct another global experiment to evaluate its effectiveness.

The G20 Summit Joint Communiqué stated that they will help Africa countries to fight the pandemic crisis, make sure people around the world can afford and get the vaccine and medicines fairly, promise to keep the market open, realize a fair and stable trade and investment environment, and commit to achieving an environmentally sustainable future while facing the urgent challenge of climate change.

Taiwan Headquarters (Associate General Manager: Alex Tsai)

  1. According to the statistics of the command center, so far, a total of 639 confirmed cases have been confirmed in China, including 547 overseas immigration, 55 local cases, 36 Good Will Fleet and 1 unknown; the other 1 (case 530) was removed. Among the confirmed cases, 7 died, 555 were released from isolation, and 77 were hospitalized in isolation.
  2. In terms of domestic production, new consumer electronics products have been launched one after another, long-distance application related equipment shipments are booming, and demand for emerging technologies is strong. The annual growth rate of the electronic component industry production index has continued to maintain double-digit growth; in traditional industries, machinery The equipment industry was affected by the reduction in working days, and the severe epidemic in Europe and the United States affected the pace of orders and shipments of manufacturers, making the machinery and equipment industry unable to continue its positive growth trend last month. Therefore, the overall October industrial production index annual growth rate has shrunk from 11.62% last month to 7.06%. In total, the cumulative average industrial production index from January to October 2020 increased by 6.47% compared with the same period in 2019, and the manufacturing production index increased by 6.93%.
  3. The launch of the industrial recovery and revitalization plan has been highly responsive, and the production capacity is fully loaded to coordinate with the adjustment of the delivery period, and continue to supplement manpower to work overtime to replenish inventory.

Guangzhou MEAN WELL (General Manager: Aden Wang)

  1. As of 11/27, a total of 1988 cases have been confirmed in Guangdong Province, and 33 cases are under treatment in the hospital.
  2. In order to strengthen the prevention and control of the winter epidemic, strictly review and approve the entry and exit applications of Chinese citizens for non-essential reasons such as traveling and visiting friends, continue to suspend foreigners holding some valid visas and residence permits, continue to suspend port visas and regional visa exemption policies.
  3. Distributors and customers are highly responsive to the industrial recovery and stimulation plan, with full orders, manufacturing continuously increasing production capacity, replenishing inventory and increasing the two-day delivery rate.

Suzhou MEAN WELL (General Manager: Alan Liu)

  1. Last week, 3 new coronavirus cases from abroad, were identified in Jiangsu Province, bringing the total number of cases to 680, while 672 people discharged from the hospitals after recovering, with 0 mortality.
  2. There are one high COVID-19 risk level area in Tianjin, eight medium COVID-19 risk level areas, 2 in Tianjin, 3 in Shanghai, 1 in Anhui Province, and 2 in Neimenggu Province.
  3. “Suzhou Double-12 Shopping Festival” will be held to promote the consumption on tasting, residing, traveling, shopping and recreating.
  4. Keep in touch with the potential customers developed during the China International Import Expo. The manufacturing department will keep high overtime working to replenish the inventory and meet the customers’ needs.

MEAN WELL Europe (General Manager: Coleman)

  1. Most countries increased lock down level, pandemic seems stabilized in European countries. The impact of production level is much less than Q2 2020, manufacturing sector has found ways to remain activities during the pandemic.
  2. Customers well accepted MEAN WELL’s industrial stimulation and recovery initiative. EUMW will continue to support customers to recover their capacity by offer 3% recovery fund. We have also worked with our German partners together to announce other than support German industry recovery, we will donate and participate in German charities.
  3. Demand of medical sector especially Covid-19 related equipment is increasing. With dedicated sales staff, MEAN WELL can offer fast delivery and best cost performance products to be used in critical applications.
  4. Affected by reducing vessels and capacity, both sea and air freight has increased and with limited available space. EUMW continue to offer stable supply, and we remind our customers to arrange shipment earlier.

MEAN WELL USA (General Manager: Leo)

  1. A total of at least 13,088,821 Covid-19 cases, including 264,858 deaths, have been reported in the United States during the pandemic so far, according to Johns Hopkins University's tally of cases.
  2. The US FDA intends to make a decision about authorizing Pfizer and BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine within a few weeks of a key meeting scheduled for Dec. 10.
  3. In response to the tight container/ship space situation before the end of the year. Sales are required to arrange shipments with customers in advance, and book the shipment logistic immediately to ensure smooth shipment.

ASIA (ASIAN Regional Manager: Leo Wu)

  1. The number of confirmed cases in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia is on the rise, and the resident offices strictly adhere to normal epidemic prevention and continue to provide services.
  2. Continue to promote important projects such as medical, telecommunications, and semiconductor equipment, and develop high-end applications and high-output niche market projects.
  3. Promote a 3% feedback plan, combine distribution partners and important direct customers to promote industrial recovery, and arrange early boat schedules to facilitate shipments before the end of this year.

Have good intentions, care our partners, provide the power of stability and assist industry to recover.

MEAN WELL Group Prevention Team 2020/12/01