SDG Group Epidemic Prevention & Recovery Measure

Epidemic Prevention Declaration: Have good intentions, care our partners, provide the power of stability and assist industry to recover.
  1. Normal Epidemic Prevention
    • Abide by the local prevention regulations. Implement normal epidemic prevention. (Ex. wearing a mask, washing hands, updating health code, caring team members and self-health management.)
    • Advocate self-management of health. If the employee has any abnormality, you should update the health code actively; external visitors should actively log in the health information before entering the MEAN WELL Company, and the deviant situation will be informed to the manager by the respondent (Ex. factory nurse).
    • The factory area is separated by line, and the office is based on the block to carry out group care and joint prevention. If there is a confirmed diagnosis, cooperate with the epidemic investigation, and the confirmed person "do not go to work" and cooperate with the epidemic investigation.
    • Encourage employees to get the third vaccination to improve the overall prevention. The group latest vaccination (Link); employees who are not fully vaccinated will be monitored by the general manager/managers.
  2. Promote Recovery
    • Production and sales levelling controls the number of overdue shipments, suspension of orders, shortages, and shortages of items, and the responsible department will make improvements and announcements.
    • Announce shortages of items to accelerate the implementation of α plan, which will be resolved by the supply chain and R&D cooperation within a deadline.
    • Speed up the introduction of automation equipment to facilitate long-term capacity expansion.
    • Capacity delivery date: Generally, the delivery date will be estimated based on order conditions/capacity (adjusted according to the order/capacity at any time).
    • After paying the deposit and getting approval, the shorter delivery date can be guaranteed. We’ll improve the lead-time continuously depends on the components situation.
      (In principle, the guaranteed delivery period will be shorter than the capacity delivery date, and it is estimated that the capacity delivery date and guaranteed delivery period will be the same after 2022/6)
    • Each company’s sales and procurement departments start to notify external partners to act immediately, and the target is to clear Delayed Shipment before the Spring Festival (Weekly Pending Orders).
Date Production Capacity Lead Time Lead Time Guarantee Program Remark
2021-Dec. 135 days 60 days 2021-Nov. Booking:USD201M (Lead Time Guarantee:1.09%)
2022-Jan. 180 days 50 days 2021-Dec. Booking:USD301M (Lead Time Guarantee:4.15%)
2022-Feb. 180 days 45 days 2022-Jan. Booking:USD120M
(Lead Time Guarantee Program: Lead Time is 45 days after Feb 7 ) (Lead Time Guarantee:4.13%)
2022-Mar. 180 days 45 days 2022-Feb. Booking:USD131M (Lead Time Guarantee:4.54%)
2022-Apr. 180 days 45 days 2022-Mar. Booking:USD176M (Lead Time Guarantee:5.86%)
2022-May. 150 days 45 days 2022-Apr. Booking:USD146M (Lead Time Guarantee:10.46%)
2022-Jun. 135 days 42 days 2022-May. Booking:USD108M (Lead Time Guarantee:6.30%)
2022-Jul. 135 days 40 days 2022-Jun. Booking:USD126M (Lead Time Guarantee:6.65%)
2022-Aug. 120 days 37 days 2022-Jul. Booking:109MUSD (Lead Time Guarantee:6.41%)
2022-Sep. 120 days 34 days 2022-Aug. Booking:57MUSD (Lead Time Guarantee:10.43%)
2022-Oct. 120 days 30 days 2022-Sep Booking:62MUSD (Lead Time Guarantee:17.73%)
2022-Nov. 110 days 30 days 2022-Oct Booking:59.57MUSD (Lead Time Guarantee:5.92%)
2022-Dec. 100 days 30 days 2022-Nov Booking:63.82MUSD (Lead Time Guarantee:4.12%)
2023-Jan. 90 days 30 days 2022-Dec Booking:76.22MUSD (Lead Time Guarantee:3.66%)
2023-Feb. 80 days 30 days 2023-Jan Booking:58.79MUSD (Lead Time Guarantee:3.06%)
2023-Mar. 70 days 30 days 2023-Feb Booking:76.77MUSD
2023-Apr. 60 days 30 days 2023-Mar Booking:78.90MUSD
2023-May. 50 days 30 days 2023-Apr Booking:56.95MUSD
2023-Jun. 30 days 30 days 2023-May Booking:61.06MUSD

SDG Group epidemic prevention & recovery countermeasure team