Dear Partners,

Last week, the global cases confirmed of coronavirus have exceeded 5.28 million, causing more than 342,000 death. The increasing rate of past 7 days compared to the past 14 days is 108.65%. The total case confirmed all over the world exceeded 5 million last week, mostly in Latin American countries. WHO also declared that South American countries have been the new epicenter due to the mass outbreak.

WHA was held on May 18th last week, conducting by video conference as a result of epidemic; after more than 3 months of blockade measures, people around the world just want to know when can their lives be back to normal, and all companies are asking when can they reopen the economy; governments in Europe have started to recover the economies step by step. The USA also debated that if they can reopen the economy; “this virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities, and this virus may never go away," said the Dr. from WHO. Therefore, we must pragmatically learn to coexist with the disease and deal with it carefully before vaccines and drugs come out.

Taiwan Headquarters (Chief Operating Officer: Kevin Chen)

  1. 1 cases confirmed last week, maintaining 441 total cases, of which 55 were local residences, 350 were travelers from abroad and 36 were from Goodwill fleet. Among the confirmed cases, 7 died, 411 were released from quarantine, and the rest are remained hospitalized.
  2. In response to the epidemic situation, some countries and regions have strengthened control measures on borders and related epidemic prevention, and requested that people entering must attach relevant inspection certificates. In considering to the domestic epidemic situation under control and based on the rights and interests of the people and weighing the domestic inspection capacity, the government opened people to go to designated institutions for self-expense inspection and obtain inspection certification documents for emergency, work and study abroad situations.
  3. Continue to maintain normal epidemic prevention, pay attention to the status of customers' new orders after the gradual relaxation of closures in various regions, and review the supply chain recovery and delivery status.

Guangzhou MEAN WELL (General Manager: Aden Wang)

  1. As of 5/18, a total of 1,590 cases have been diagnosed in Guangdong, including 3 cases in hospital.
  2. On 5/18, Guangzhou City issued the No. 9 Circular on the Normalization of New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Situation
  3. a. Fully open shopping malls, office buildings, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, farmers' markets and other living places.

    b. Various tourist attractions, sports venues and indoor venues such as libraries, museums, art galleries and other indoor venues are open by appointment and limited, and can hold various necessary conferences and exhibition activities.

    c. All people entering the port (including transit) from the Guangzhou area will be quarantined for 14 days.

    d. It is recommended that citizens carry masks with them and wear masks when they are close to people and within one meter away from others, and reduce unnecessary gathering activities.

Suzhou MEAN WELL (General Manager: Alan Liu)

  1. Last week, there’s no more cases identified in Jiangsu Province. So far, the total number of cases is 653, while 653 people discharged from the hospitals after recovering, with a mortality rate of 0%.
  2. There are two high COVID-19 risk level areas: Shulan and Fengman district in Jilin, people from where must do centralized quarantine for 14 days and take twice nucleic acid tests.
  3. There are three medium COVID-19 risk level areas: Chuanying district in Jilin, Sujiatun district in Panyang and dongxihu district in Wuhan, people from where must do home-based quarantine for 14 days and take twice nucleic acid tests.

MWEU (General Manager: Coleman)

  1. All European countries are focusing four steps: how to re-open, how to avoid re-surge, how to drive economy and how to make vaccines.
  2. 2020Q1 German GDP dropped 2.2% and EU Zone dropped 3.8%. Countries are planning how to pass the summer holiday season with aim to get back tourist industry.
  3. We expect economy will step by step back to normal, but still we have seen project delays or cancelled due to lockdown.
  4. Tight space in sea and air shipment and some delays in Sea operations. European Domestic transportation remains normal. MWEU will have trial transportation via Eurasia railways.

MEAN WELL USA (General Manager: Leo)

  1. Last week, 156,876 new cases were reported in the United States (an increased rate of 96.80%), with a total of 1,660,445 cases were confirmed. 445,000 patients were discharged (26.80% cure rate) and 98,457 patients died (5.93% mortality rate).
  2. Coronavirus deaths in New York state have fallen below 100, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday, marking the lowest daily death toll from the virus since March 24.
  3. President Donald Trump and his advisors said this week that another round of coronavirus economic stimulus could be coming. Congress is divided over another response bill, as Democrats push for sweeping aid and Republicans consider a more narrow approach.

ASIA (Overseas Sales Director: Ted Cheng/ASIAN Regional Manager: Leo Wu)

  1. The total number of confirmed case in Asia was 289,817, which increased by 66,187 last week, the cure rate was 42.12%, and the death rate was 2.93%; the total number of confirmed case in New Zealand and Australia was 8,604, which increased by 69 last week, the cure rate was 91.13%, and the death rate was 1.43%.
  2. Singapore lockdown to 6/1, India lockdown to 5/31, Japan lifted the declaration of emergency in most cities (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba and Hokkaido are still under emergency restrictions).
  3. Continue to support partners in order to restore normal operation and meet medical emergency needs.

Have good intentions, care our partners, provide the power of stability and assist industry to recover.

MEAN WELL Group Prevention Team 2020/05/26