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Last week, the global cases confirmed of coronavirus have exceeded 130.6 million, causing more than 2.84 million death. The increasing rate of past 7 days compared to the past 14 days is 107.09%; the epidemic in the United States is slightly heating up; in Europe, during the Easter holiday, France and Germany have strengthened their lockdown measures; in Asia, the epidemic in India is severe; in Asia, the epidemic in India is severe.

According to statistics from Our World in Data, global new coronavirus vaccination numbers have been reached 617 million, 135 million people have fully vaccinated, about 1.7% of the fully vaccinated population. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the European vaccination plan has been slow and unsuccessful, the pandemic in Europe is worrying.

The United States announced its support for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to issue special drawing rights (SDR) plans, hoping to provide 650 billion U.S. dollars in monetary assistance to countries that have been hit hard by the epidemic to tide over the difficulties; the World Trade Organization (WTO) said that because countries are speeding up vaccination, will help the global trade in goods rebound. The growth forecast for this year’s global trade in goods has been revised up to 8%, which is better than the original estimate of 7.2% in October last year. It is predicted that the global trade in goods will grow by 4% next year.

Taiwan Headquarters (Associate General Manager: Alex Tsai)

  1. According to statistics from the command center, so far, a total of 1,039 confirmed cases have been confirmed in China, including 923 overseas immigration, 77 local cases, 36 Good Will fleet, 2 aircraft infections, and 1 unknown; the other case (case 530) was removed as Empty number. Of the confirmed cases, 10 died, 987 were released from isolation, and 42 were hospitalized in isolation.
  2. The Epidemic Command Center stated that after assessing the use of the domestic COVID-19 vaccine, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the vaccine, starting from April 6th, in addition to the originally planned 87 vaccination sites, 16 more vaccination sites will be added and opened Registered medical personnel, non-medical personnel in medical institutions, personnel in centralized quarantine centers, etc., will be vaccinated against COVID-19 for the first-category subjects listed in the vaccination plan.
  3. In line with the group's operation and production and sales leveling plan, the Taiwan factory is expected to expand the production aging and testing equipment for high-wattage products in Q2 in response to the needs of new product development and production, and at the same time carry out automatic conversion of production lines, and report Q2 production capacity and manpower enterprises To ensure stable output and supply after the planned production capacity and new product input.

Guangzhou MEAN WELL (General Manager: Aden Wang)

  1. As of 4/2, a total of 2285 confirmed cases have been confirmed in Guangdong Province, and 40 cases are under treatment in the hospital.
  2. A local case of retransmission occurred on 3/30 in Yunnan Province, which was initially determined to be imported from abroad (Myanmar). Ruili City has been closed. Nucleic acid testing has been completed in the city, and the city’s residents are scheduled to be vaccinated by 4/6; At present, there are 26 confirmed cases and 53 asymptomatic infections.
  3. As of 4/1, a total of 126.61 million doses of new crown virus vaccines have been reported in various regions, and all districts in Guangdong have accelerated the implementation of vaccine delivery. Some provinces and cities have launched night-time delivery services. Guangdong is expected to vaccinate the first dose for 40 million people by the end of April.
  4. Q2 orders continue to flourish, manufacturing continues to increase production capacity, and large-volume project models are slightly tight due to semiconductor supply, so project requirements must be raised first.

Suzhou MEAN WELL (General Manager: Alan Liu)

  1. Last week, 2 new coronavirus cases, imported from abroad, were identified in Jiangsu Province, bringing the total number of cases to 710 , while 704 people discharged from the hospitals after recovering, with 0 mortality.
  2. Respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan called on the public to vaccinate the COVID-19 vaccine: China will be in danger, when the foreign countries acquire immunity to the virus. It is expected to reach 70-80% of the vaccination rate and basically achieve mass immunization.
  3. The orders of Q2 are sufficient and that of Q3 is forecasted to increase. We will accelerate the development and apply of automation equipment and increase the production capacity to meet the customers’ needs.

MEAN WELL Europe (General Manager: Coleman)

  1. This week the confirmed cases in EU countries still increased compared to last week. Easter long weekend might pose next peak in coming weeks.
  2. EU heighten the awareness of receiving sufficient vaccinations and call for limitation of vaccine exports.
  3. EUMW continue to service and developing with customers in all sectors, specially in medical and modular power section. We will offer online product seminar starting from 21st April for 4 Wednesdays.
  4. With increased demand and delay of containers, our sales started calling out to customers to ensure proper delivery times.

MEAN WELL USA (General Manager: Leo)

  1. The positive test rate in California continued to drop to 1.8% (1.9% a week ago), and the number of confirmed cases (7-day average) dropped to 2,414 (2,608 a week ago).
  2. Alameda County, where MWUSA is located, has been downgraded to 2nd level, which allows some business to re-open and provide indoor services.
  3. Fully vaccinated people can resume recreational travel in the U.S., and they don’t need a Covid-19 test and don’t need to quarantine, when traveling domestically. They should still wear a mask and avoid crowds.
  4. MWUAS targets to develop infrastructure-related industries (5G/Telecom/Energy) in response to the US government's economic stimulation plan.

ASIA (ASIAN Regional Manager: Leo Wu)

  1. The confirmed cases in India continues to heat up, and the epidemic in many states has reignited, and the government has expanded vaccination over 45 years old.
  2. Australia is now adopting Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines. For elderly people over 70 years old, first-line medical care and other groups, 4 million doses of vaccination were originally to be completed by the end of March. However, as of March 31, the actual number was only 600,000 less than expected. The authorities announced in mid-March a major revision of the plan, delaying the target of 4 million doses until April.
  3. The normal operation of each resident office continues to provide real-time local services and combines online marketing and technical services to develop target industries such as medical, 5G, IOT measurement equipment, etc.
  4. Promote and use the MEAN WELL EXPO website and APP to obtain timely and up-to-date product, technology, and application information.

Japan (Regional Manager: Jeff Lee)

  1. The 2021 Tokyo Olympics, postponed for one year, the torch relay activity has been launched from the nuclear disaster site in Fukushima Prefecture on March 25th, and will return to the main Tokyo Olympic venue on July 23rd. Recently the number of newly infected people with COVID-19 has increased rapidly in Osaka. The Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture intends to apply to cancel the torch relay event from April 12 to 13.
  2. Due to the severe international situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Japan and the International Olympic Games decided on March 20th that overseas audiences will not be allowed to visit 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.
  3. The Japanese government and the Tokyo Olympic Committee are discussing to reduce the number of visitors to 50%, and even the competition without spectators. A preliminary decision is expected in April.
  4. It is estimated that there are about 15,000 overseas players, plus a total of about 90,000 related personnel such as coaches, referees, and the media. The Japanese government claims that it is capable of receiving them, and it will plan to exempt the 14 days.
  5. Until April 5th, 950,000 people have received the first Pfizer vaccine, and 240,000 people have received the second Pfizer vaccine.

[Sales viewpoint]

    Under the severe situation of the epidemic, most Japanese people are still opposed to host the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. It is also possible that the government will take special measures from April to June to serve as a successful demonstration of the fight against the epidemic.

Have good intentions, care our partners, provide the power of stability and assist industry to recover.

MEAN WELL Group Prevention Team 2021/04/06