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Dear Partners,

Last week, the global cases confirmed of coronavirus have exceeded 94.16 million, causing more than 2.010,000 death. The increasing rate of past 7 days compared to the past 14 days is 92.91%; the epidemic in the United States is still severe. In Europe, the United Kingdom and France have imposed stricter travel restrictions to prevent variant viruses. The epidemic in Southeast Asia has risen. The number of confirmed diagnoses in Indonesia and Malaysia has reached new highs, and the confirmed cases in China have rebounded.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that in view of the spread of the new coronavirus, especially the variant virus spreads in the northern hemisphere with more infectious, the epidemic of the second year may be more severe than the first year. The WHO also stated that the exact effect of the new coronavirus vaccine in effectively reducing transmission is still unknown, and the supply of vaccines is limited. It is recommended that countries do not require proof of vaccination or immunity as a condition for admission; According to the statistics on Our World in Data website, more than 32 million doses of the new coronavirus vaccine have been vaccinated worldwide.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated that in view of the continued uncertainty caused by the re-emergence of the new coronavirus epidemic and the re-emergence of new variant viruses, it urges countries to continue to adopt strong fiscal and monetary measures to support their economies; The text of the Comprehensive Investment Agreement (CAI) will be released next week, and the European Union said it views China as a partner, systemic opponent and economic competitor.

Taiwan Headquarters (Associate General Manager: Alex Tsai)

  1. According to the statistics of the command center, a total of 843 cases have been confirmed so far, including 746 overseas immigration, 58 local cases, 36 Good Will fleet, 2 aircraft infections, and 1 unknown; the other case (case 530) was removed as empty number. Among the confirmed cases, 7 died, 741 were released from isolation, and 95 were hospitalized in isolation.
  2. In the information and electronics industry, due to the demand for smart phones, high-speed computing, and automotive applications, the capacity utilization rate of advanced processes has continued to be maintained at a high level. This makes the electronics industry view the economy in the next six months. Vaccine research and development is progressing smoothly. Many countries have launched vaccination. If the follow-up implementation is effective, it will help reduce the uncertainty of the epidemic. The proportion of overall manufacturers who are optimistic about the prosperity of the next six months exceeds the survey last month.
  3. The market economy is optimistic. Projects submitted by end customers are all started, and the demand is stable. The Taiwan factory will maintain its full capacity until the Spring Festival, continue to supplement the shortage of manpower, and coordinate with the production and sales plan. The delivery period will be maintained for 40 days and stable overtime to refill supplies.

Guangzhou MEAN WELL (General Manager: Aden Wang)

  1. As of 1/15, a total of 2084 confirmed cases have been confirmed in Guangdong Province, and 44 are in hospital treatment.
  2. The local confirmed cases exceeded 100 for 4 consecutive days, and the risk of the epidemic in many places has escalated; many provinces, regions, and cities across the country have advocated "Spend Chinese New Year locally".
  3. At present, 15 provinces have started the COVID-19 vaccination work, and the number of vaccinated people has exceeded 10 million; three steps of vaccination, the first step is for high-risk and key groups, the second step is for high-risk groups, and the third step is for the general public; Starting from January 9th, Guangzhou citizens who will go abroad for private study or work can make an appointment to be vaccinated.
  4. In response to government policies, Guangzhou MEAN WELL promoted to spend Chinese New Year locally during the Spring Festival, providing supporting measures such as red envelopes, free meals, entertainment activities and overtime bonus; the manufacturing and supply chain continued to maintain stable supply, replenish inventory and increase the two-day delivery rate.

Suzhou MEAN WELL (General Manager: Alan Liu)

  1. Last week, 3 new coronavirus cases, imported from abroad, were identified in Jiangsu Province, bringing the total number of cases to 688 , while 684 people discharged from the hospitals after recovering, with 0 mortality.
  2. Taiwanese people in China who meet the requirements of high-risk groups can get the COVID-19 vaccine for free. In Guangxi province and Xiamen, this policy has been implemented.
  3. Many places declared to get into the position of epidemic prevention, such as the whole of Hebei Province, Heihe in Heilongjiang Province, Chifeng in Neimenggu Province, Yuncheng in Shanxi Province, Chengdu in Sichuan Province, Hefei in Anhui Province, Shunyi District in Beijing, etc. People are advised to stay in their city or workplaces and reduce travel for the Spring Festival.
  4. Start the epidemic prevention plan during Spring Festival for employees who do not return home and back to work after returning home.

MEAN WELL Europe (General Manager: Coleman)

  1. Netherlands daily number still high, lockdown extended to 9th Feb. New variant has higher transmission rate, UK said no end-date if spread rate remains high.
  2. European Medicines Agencies, EMA has officially approved Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, UK approved use of AstraZeneca. Netherlands announced plan of vaccination.
  3. With dedicated sales staff, we supports design-ins of critical medical products, modular power units as well as OVCIII related charging solutions.
  4. Affected by reducing vessels and containers, sea freight continue to increase and with limited available space. EUMW continue to offer stable supply and continue to increase our stock level. Customers can place order without worries.

MEAN WELL USA (General Manager: Leo)

  1. At least 10.6 million people have received a first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  2. More Californians than ever are dying from the coronavirus — a knee-buckling 525 every day — and with the number expected to keep climbing state officials said Friday they are sending more refrigerated trailers to act as makeshift morgues for overwhelmed county coroner’s offices.
  3. Continue to implement the "Pandemic Prevention Declaration", accelerate the operation and expansion of KC VAC, and prepare enough inventory to cope with unstable vessel schedules and the incoming Lunar New Year.

ASIA (ASIAN Regional Manager: Leo Wu)

  1. The epidemic situation in India is stable, and the epidemic situation in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia continues to increase; the resident offices continue to prevent the epidemic and provide services normally.
  2. Malaysia declares state of emergency till Aug 1 to curb spread of Covid-19, or earlier should Covid-19 cases come under control.
  3. Continue to promote six sub-streams and 3+1 products, and provide fast delivery to assist customers in improving design and delivery schedule, providing a stable force for the market to promote industrial recovery.

Have good intentions, care our partners, provide the power of stability and assist industry to recover.

MEAN WELL Group Prevention Team 2021/01/19