Product Upgrade Notice: UHP-500 Acquires EN60335-1Safety Approval & UHP-200/200A/350/500 complete IEC/UL/EN62368 Safety Replacement

By Benson Guo/ Product Manager

The conduction-cooled UHP family is MEAN WELL new generation of industrial control power supply. As UHP-200/350 series are certified to the safety of household and similar electrical appliances, EN60335-1, they are widely appreciated by the market. Considering that the market demand for household appliances regulation has been increasing recently, the MEAN WELL UHP-500 series has officially obtained EN60335-1 certificate.
Since EN62368 is set to supersede EN60950 by 2020/12, UHP-200/200A/350/500 series also complete the IEC / UL / EN62368 replacement in this product upgrade. Complying with the latest ICT safety regulation (EN62368) and household regulation (EN60335-1), the UHP-200/350/500 series is believed to be your first choice for both industrial and household applications.
The following standard product series are upgraded to the new version after the production dated 2019/11/26 (production lot.: W2001C). MEAN WELL will fully absorb the costs incurred from this upgrade and will not increase the product price. If you have any questions, please check the updated product datasheet on the MEAN WELL website or contact your MEAN WELL sales representative.

Model Upgraded Date Lot. No.
UHP-200 2019/11/26 W2001C
UHP-200A 2019/12/20 W2002C
UHP-350 2019/12/20 W2002D
UHP-500 2019/12/20 W2003A

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