2022 MEAN WELL Global Exhibition Plan

By: Elyse Li/Brand Center

As the global vaccination rate rose in 2021, the epidemic could become like the flu if more people get vaccinated.  The worldwide exhibitions are once again back to physical. Let us greet the year of 2022, welcome the better year!
In the new year, MEAN WELL Group plans to participate in 12 exhibitions around the world, including automation, electronics, lighting, medical and information and communication-related exhibitions, etc. We will promote MEAN WELL brand image and showcase the multi innovative power supply solutions!

We sincerely invite you to join in and stay tuned to the MEAN WELL Exhibition announcement on the official website! In addition to physical exhibitions, MEAN WELL created a brand new virtual exhibition, opening 24 hours a day and updated 15th every month with the most up-to-date information!

Please refer to the following table for more updated information!  

Date Exhibition Location Booth Organizer
3/21-3/24 IWCE          Las Vegas, NV, USA          NA MWUSA
4/7-4/10  CMEF (Medical)
Shanghai NA SZMW
4/12-4/14 MD&M West
         Anaheim, CA, USA           NA MWUSA
4/27-4/29 CDIIF
Chengdu NA GZMW
5/11~5/14 CWMTE
Chongqing NA GZMW
5/24~5/27 Computex (ICT)
 Taipei NA TWMW
6/9-6/12 Guangzhou Lighting
Guangzhou NA GZMW
8/2~8/5 EXPOLUX
Sao Paulo, Brazil NA TWMW
9/14-9/16  NEPCON Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam NA TWMW/ ASEANMW
9/14-9/18 China International Industry Fair Shanghai NA SZMW
11/5-11/10 China International Import Expo China NA SZMW
11/15-11/18 Electronica  Munich, Germany NA MWEU