MEAN WELL Launches E-Shop and Authorized Store Identified Program in Taiwan and China

Marketing center: Rio Lai & Grace Yan

MEAN WELL is the leading brand of standard power supply. With 37 years of experience in power supply development, manufacture, and sales, MEAN WELL has become the consumers’ most reliable power supply partner. However, recently, with the growth of counterfeit products and stores in the market, it is not easy for consumers to tell the real or fake products. Those deceptive behaviors not only damage MEAN WELL brand reputation, but also cause consumers' safety concerns.
MEAN WELL hereby firmly states that we uphold our intelligence property right, warning false companies to stop violating the law, or legal action will be brought up. In the meantime, we suggest that consumers purchase from licensed channels declared on MEAN WELL website to avoid any unnecessary damages. 
MEAN WELL E-Shop and Authorized Store Identified Program was officially initiated in Taiwan and China. All licensed channels are declared on MEAN WELL website including distributors, E-business stores, and authorized stores. Consumers can browse the "Distributors" webpage and identify the corresponded certification and link. For licensed authorized store, pictures of the store, address, and authorized number are provided online for verification.
In the future, MEAN WELL will continue to execute the Identified Program via setting up authorized stores in major cities and accelerating e-business service area so that consumers can purchase genuine products through authorized business, moreover, defend the company's image.

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Intelligence property right declaration  

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