NPP-450/750 Series: 450W&750W Reliable Ultra-Wide Output Range Battery Charger & Power Supply 2-in-1

By: Frank Chen/ Product Manager

NPP-450/750 are 450W & 750W compact power supply and battery charger units. The most important feature of the products is battery charger and power supply 2-in-1, which allows the user to flexibly switch its operating mode (factory default is set to battery charger). In addition to running 3 stage charging curve for lead-acid batteries, the units can also be switched to provide constant voltage power supply for normal load. Switching the operation mode is as simple as plugging and un-plugging a short circuit pin on the front panel.

NPP-450 and NPB-750's key features include ultra-wide output voltage, adjustable output voltage via VR on front panel (10.5~21V, 21~42V, 42~80V, 54~100V), adjust output current from 50~100%, built-in thermal controlled cooling fan to reduce noise, -30~+70°C operating temperature, built-in remote ON/OFF control, compliance to ITE IEC/EN/UL62368-1 and household appliances EN60335-1/-2-29 dual safety, multiple built-in intelligent protection functions, and 3 years warranty. Both of them are safe, durable, and cost-effective dual-purpose power supply/chargers. The products are suitable for charging applications for electric motorcycles, unicycles, scooters, camping vehicles, UAV, mobile robots, hand-held power tools, floor scrubbers, etc. as well as providing power to drive industrial control, information technology, communication, security control systems and more.


  • Multi-function single unit battery charger or power supply operation modes selectable
  • Ultra-wide output voltage (10.5~21V, 21~42V, 42~80V, 54~100V)
  • Output voltage and current adjustable via potentiometer
  • 3-stage charging curve for charging mode
  • -30~+70oC wide operating temperature
  • Thermal controlled DC fan for noise reduction
  • Multiple protections: Short circuit / Over load / Over voltage / Over temperature
  • Suitable for lead-acid batteries
  • Carry handle accessory available (Order No.: DS-Carry handle)
  • Safety approval: CB, UL, DEKRA, EAC, CE, UKCA (62368-1 + 60335-1/-2-29)
  • 3-year warranty

  • NPP-450 Series    NPP-750 Series