PowerNex|CF Series: 12V/24V COB LED Strips

Product Strategy Center/Rex Lin

MEAN WELL, the global leader in standard power supplies, has been involved in standard power supplies over 42 years. The product line of standard power supply is wide and complete, including general industrial power supply and LED driver power supply. In order to meet the customer's one-stop shopping service, MEAN WELL also expands its power peripheral components through linking externally by the PowerNex brand, one of the SDG Group's subsidiaries. This expansion not only enhances the completeness of related components but also leverages the power of the industrial value chain. Through collaboration with MLS Group, the world's famous LED manufacturer, MEAN WELL has introduced and provided project sales of MLS-branded COB LED strip products. The first products of CFA320A4 12V and CFC320A4 24V series IP20 COB LED strips are launched, which can be used with MEAN WELL LED power supply, and combined with indoor decoration and commercial linear project application. If you want to know more about MEAN WELL LED drivers, please visit our LED Driver Hall on Virtual Expo for details.

Specification of MLS COB LED Strips:

  • COB LED packaging, no light spots
  • CRI >90 and soft light 
  • 4KV ESD testing
  • Wide beam angle with 180°
  • 5M per reel, can be cut and used every 5 cm
  • CE/BIS certification
  • 2 years warranty  


CF Series