The Perfect Combination of SHINYU and MEAN WELL, Provides Customers with A Satisfactory Lighting Experience

Having professional R&D strength and a number of patents for heat conduction and heat dissipation, SHINYU has developed an unique market with its product key features as “ high lumen and excellent heat dissipation performance”. Moreover, SHINYU’s high quality and renowned reputation can be seen from the major stadiums, buildings and skyscrapers around the world. This time, we are very honored to invite JC Lin, the CEO of SHINYU Light Company, to personally share the experience about cooperation with MEAN WELL. We invite you to watch SHINYU’s client testimonial video.

SHINYU is one of MEAN WELL’s most important LED lighting customers in Taiwan, and has cooperated with MEAN WELL since the LED industry started to take off. Both SHINYU’s insistence on quality and MEAN WELL’s commitment to customers have achieved numerous successful cases.
One of SHINYU’s mission is to assist customers in saving energy for the good of the environment. In the future, MEAN WELL will continue to support SHINYU, one of the outstanding companies in Taiwan. We look forward to bringing a smarter lighting experience with better quality and efficiency to customers.
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