SNC cooperates with MEAN WELL to create an excellent lighting environment together

SNC Opto Electronic Co., Ltd. has worked hard in the China LED lighting market for 13 years. They have earned their reputation as China’s best-known LED lighting supplier. In addition, they also share a great reputation in European and American markets by developing a lot of high-quality LED luminaires. In response to the needs of customers, SNC has chosen to cooperate with MEAN WELL, which has created brand awareness with its reliable power products. We are honored to invite Jian Yong Hsu, the CEO of SNC Company to personally introduce SNCs  experience cooperating with MEAN WELL. We invite you to watch SNCs client testimonial video.

SNC Opto Electronic Co., Ltd. has developed wide variety of LED luminaires for different applications. Its strong R&D team has a wealth of practical experience. They not only develop luminaires to meet customers’ needs, but also help customers solve LED lighting problems. In order to achieve the stability of lighting systems, SNC Company uses MEAN WELL’s LED drivers in more than 50% of its products, and thus enhance confidence of its customers.
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