RSDW20UW & RDDW20UW Series 20W 2”x1” 8.5~160Vdc Ultra-wide Input Encapsulated DC/DC Module for Railway Applications

By: Frank Chen/ Product Manager

As a response to the development of the railway transportation industry, MEAN WELL has rapidly launched the encapsulated module railway DC/DC converter RSDW/RDDW series 8~60W in the past 2 years. In order to power applications with extremely unstable DC voltage source or applications that need wide input range to reduce SKUs, MEAN WELL has launched the rarely seen 18:1 (8.5~160Vdc) ultra-wide voltage input RSDW20UW and RDDW20UW series.

RSDW20UW and RDDW20UW series adopt 2"x 1" standard size and pin assignments commonly used in the market. The most important product feature is the 18:1 (8.5~160Vdc) ultra-wide voltage input, as one model can cover various input voltages such as 12/24/48/72/96/110Vdc, which greatly reduces the number of models. Other features include ultra-thin design (10.5mm low height), -40~+95°C ultra-wide temperature, encapsulated package with dustproof, moisture-resistant, and shock-resistant capabilities, etc. The series is also certified to UL62368-1, EAC TP TC004 and railway EN50155 certification, making it very suitable for railway, tram, MRT, bus, and other transportation applications.

MEAN WELL DC/DC Converters for Railway Applications


RSDW20UW Series    RDDW20UW Series