SDG heading to the future: The United Boards Strategy Meeting was held on 7/22

Date: 2022/07/27

By: Yvonne Chen/ Brand Center of SDG Group

Leading by founder Jerry Lin, SDG Group took place the United Boards Strategy Meeting on 22th of July at Wugu HQ. Top management team and G.M. of overseas branches participated on site and on air respectively. With the efforts of all employees and the support of partners, the Group's sales revenue in the first half of 2022 was USD 712.9M, an increase of 14.4% over the same period last year (2021H1), maintaining a stable growth. In response to the uncertain economy and inflation challenges, we have put forward a strategy statement as below.)

Strategy Statement of SDG Group

1. Epidemic Prevention Declaration: Have good intentions, Care our partners, Provide the power of stability and Assist industry to recover.

2. Operation Policy: Diversify investment, Focus the domestic demand, Adjust the corporate constitution and Promote the brand.

3. Implement “Globalization, Localization and Lean-management” and transform to “Glocalization”

4. Construct a market economy with SDG characteristics and create SDG industry value network

5. Promote SDG sustainable website (MEAN WELL/ POWERNEX/ SHARE WELL), cultivate 100+ ESG enterprises by 2030.

Create SDG Industry Value Network

As Jerry mentioned, Porter's five forces analysis emphasized the enhancement of company competency. And now, we should promote "sustainable development of reliable partner" and "SDG industry value network". It relies on suppliers and subcontractors providing stable and qualified products, distributors offering good services, and sales/technical support team getting close to key accounts and sense the pulse of industry.


Modified Mission and Vision and Building Consensus

We included the "advance with the times" into our mission, to encourage all employees and partners keep learning and improving. Despite the environment unpredictable, only by advancing with the times of innovation and optimization can the enterprise be creative and sustainable. The other paragraph " Providing the best cost/performance value of standard power supplies and services" remain the same. SDG Group's corporate vision is integrated with " A Century-Old Benchmark Enterprise" and "Sustainable ESG Enterprise", which means inheritance and sustainable development. In the process of preparing for the succession, it is expected to once again gather the ambition of employees and partners to work together, not only to be the leader of the industry, but to become a benchmark enterprise for a century.

The action plan for the coming year is kick-off from 7/25 to 29(LINK)

In the future, SDG Group will adhere to the concept of promoting the SDG industry value network. The three groups of MEAN WELL, POWERNEX and SHARE WELL will work together with partners to expand the market scale of standard power supplies and related components. Developing ESG enterprises and building a better environment for our next generation!