Lead Time Guarantee Program is extended to promote speedy industry recovery. Available inventory could be shipped out within 2 business days.

By: Ted Cheng/MEAN WELL Group CEO of Overseas

Dear Partners,
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in January 2020, MEAN WELL has adhered to the concept of “having good intentions, caring for our partners, providing the power of stability, and assisting on industry recovery. After the shortage of materials in the market and the soaring price of parts, many countries have faced the challenge of irregular lock down that affects the delivery of materials. MEAN WELL has continued to deal with material shortages, strengthened in SCM control, and implemented 0.8~1.2 times inventory allocation program to balance between production and sales. With the cooperation and support from upstream and downstream partners, MEAN WELL has gradually getting back to stable supply and recovery.

As the production capacity is fully occupied through end of the year, the production capacity lead time will remain at 120 days from September. In order to support the Lead Time Guarantee Program, MEAN WELL’s subsidiaries and distributors in all regions can resume their independent provision of the 2-day delivery guarantee program from now on. For the Lead Time Guarantee project that has received a 20% deposit, if local warehouse has a small amount of inventory can arrange shipment within two days (ERP can control and reserve 50% of the inventory to the next customer), while those large orders, the delivery time can be shortened to 34 days. At the same time, the minimum order amount of US $100,000 is removed to support customer’s important project progression smoothly.

The epidemic has changed the market, but MEAN WELL's philosophy of supporting customers and promoting industrial recovery has never changed! Please contact your suppliers for details of the Lead Time Guarantee Program, and we will serve you as soon as possible!
MEAN WELL Enterprises Co., Ltd.
SDG Group Founder/Chairman: Jerry Lin
CEO of Greater China: Alex Tsai
CEO of Overseas: Ted Cheng
Chief Operating Officer: Kevin Chen