Product Expansion Notice: RSP/RPB/RCB/RCP-1600 & RHP-1U CANBus Option are Available

That the endless pursuit of innovation and improvement is one of MEAN WELL’s enterprise missions. For this, MEAN WELL expands CANBus option models of RSP/RPB/RCB/RCP-1600 & RHP-1U series.

Controller area network bus (CAN bus) was originally developed for the automotive industry. However, management of power supplies, including function control and status monitoring, can also be implemented by CANBus. Moreover, because of its features, high immunity to electrical interference and the ability to self-diagnose and repair data errors, CAN bus protocol has become prevalent in a variety of industries, including manufacturing and automation systems, etc.
With the new upgrades of RSP/RPB/RCB/RCP-1600 & RHP-1U, MEAN WELL is able to satisfy customers’ demands with better and more innovative products. For, CANBus protocol option of RSP/RPB/RCB/RCP-1600 & RHP-1U, it is requested as modified models.

Shall there be any questions, please refer to the updated specification on website or contact MEAN WELL sales representatives.