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About Powered by MEAN WELL

Taking “Powered by MEAN WELL” as a starting point, we are inviting premium clients who agree with our brand spirit, and become “Reliable Power Partners” with us.
We use “ Powered by MEAN WELL ” as our co-marketing strategy to accomplish mutual brand promotion and achieve win-win goals together.


Authorized Trademark
Authorize the “Powered by MEAN WELL” logo to customers for the purpose of promoting products’ high quality and reliability.
Exhibition Exposures
• Planning a Powered by MEAN WELL zone or image wall at trade shows where we are exhibitors, and inviting partners to demonstrate their new products and introduce themselves in media campaigns.
• Releasing news with media promotion and sending e-invitations before trade shows start.
On-line Promotion
    • • One month prior to the show, media campaigns and press releases will be sent.
      • Notification will be sent when we add a new customer on the website.
      • Publishing news and displaying partners’ testimonials and company introduction videos on the Powered by MEAN WELL exclusive channel.
Catalog Promotion
Photos of examples of Reliable Power Partners’ applications have priority to be published in MEAN WELL’s catalogs.
Sample testing
Access to the latest news of MEAN WELL’s product development and testing.


We sincerely invite all the high-quality customers who agree with MEAN WELL’s brand spirit to join us. For more information, please contact our regional sales team. Thank you!


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