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Dongguan KST Automation Technology Co., LTD. (KST) is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service of LED full-automatic and semi-automatic exposure equipment. It has Rsee Lighting Technology Co.,LTD . and Dongguan Kerun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. the company.

In 2017, KST acquired the Japanese-owned enterprise Dongguan Rsee Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. to enhance the company's technical strength in optical design and light source research and development. In November of the same year, Dongguan Kerun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established to implement a backward integration strategy. Control the cost of raw materials and ensure price stability; In 2017, KST passed the acceptance of provincial production, academic research projects, and provincial innovation funding projects; KST focuses on the development, production, and sales of LED exposure machines, and introduces foreign advanced optical technology, combined with domestic and foreign PCB circuits The actual development needs of the board industry, as of November 2019, through technological innovation, KST has applied for a total of 22 invention patents, 61 utility model patents, and 9 appearance patents, except for 12 invention patents and 15 utility model patents. In addition, the remaining 65 patents have been authorized to obtain certificates, and successfully developed high-performance LED high-end equipment such as automatic exposure machines, with performance reaching the domestic leading level.

At present, KST products are spread all over the world. Foreign customers are mainly distributed in the United Kingdom, South Korea, the Philippines, India, Slovenia, Ukraine, Vietnam and other countries. At home, there are mainly Guangdong Ellington, ECHWISE, Champion Asia Group and so on.

KST has formulated a long-term strategic plan, based in Dongguan, going to the world, and building the "KST" brand series of LED exposure machines into industry benchmarks.

For more information, please refer to KST website (http://www.kstuv.com/)