Expansion of The LRS Family|LRS-450/600 Series:450W & 600W Enclosed Type Switching Power Supply

By: Simon Kuo / Product Manager

MEAN WELL, the global standard power supply leader, launched the first member of the LRS family in 2014. Since then, the LRS family (LRS-35 ~ LRS-350) has been the best-selling industrial standard power supply in history. With its automated production and ultra-cost-effective high-quality performance, and annual global sales of more than 23 million units by 2021, it has almost become synonymous with industrial chassis-type standard power supplies. Without doubt, LRS represents the name of “Standard Power Supply”. To meet the needs and expectations of the vast LRS market, MEAN WELL is launching its new higher wattage products in the LRS family, LRS-450 and 600 series, to make the LRS family of products more complete.

The LRS-450 and 600 series adopt outward FAN cooling dissipation design. This design greatly improves the stability of the product. MEAN WELL has applied for a patent for the circuitry layout and appearance, and the product complies complete international safety regulations such as TUV/UL/CE/BIS and others. MEAN WELL persists in maintaining both quality and branding. In order to facilitate new design requirements of original customers, the LRS-450 and 600 series adopts the same size and pitch design as the SE-450 series and LRS-350 series, and high efficiency up to Max. 92%. In addition, the LRS-450/600 implement 3 seconds constant current limit for overload protection, and enhance greater flexibility when dealing with inductance and capacitance loads. For the detailed specifications of LRS-450 and LRS-600, please refer to the link below. If you have any questions, please contact MEAN WELL's salespersons.

  • Withstand 300 VAC surge input for 5 second
  • 1U low profile
  • Withstand 5G vibration test
  • High efficiency, long life and high reliability
  • 3 years warranty

LRS-450 Series    LRS-600 Series