NTS/ NTU-2200/ 3200 Series: 2200W & 3200W Reliable, Safe, and Durable DC-AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter

By: Frank Chen / Product Manager

Since this March MEAN WELL launched the NTS-250P/ 400P/ 300/ 450/ 750/ 1200/ 1700、NTU-1200/1700 series of DC-AC pure sine wave inverters, now MEAN WELL is proud to present the NTS/ NTU-2200/ 3200 series of external portable enclosed inverters. The whole inverter family possess complete product line with these 4 series, covered the wattage range from 250~3200W. Comparing to the old generation of TS-3000 series and brings about improvements such as higher power density, size decreasing while increasing power rating by 200W, easier operation of panel functions, optimized performance, more competitive pricing. Please refer to the table below to understand the differences between the new and old generations quickly:

The MEAN WELL NTS/ NTU-2200/ 3200 differentiates themselves apart from general consumer grade inverter by adopting industrial-grade high reliability, high safety, high quality, and incorporates environmental protection and high-efficiency conceptual design. It also introduces new digital smart chips and strictly selected construction materials. The main features include instant twice peak power capability, flexible output and operation mode adjustment, remote ON/OFF control, multiple intelligent protection (abnormal automatic shutdown), operation at -25~+70℃, standard Europe/America/China, universal plugs, terminal type, international certification, 3 years warranty, and more. It is suitable for use in home/office, car, yacht, remote areas without AC power grid or mobile AC power supply, security equipment with UPS application and can be used to power TV, computer, mobile phone charging, audio, lighting, electric fan, mobile medical cart, mobile light tower, etc.

NTS-2200 Series   NTU-2200 Series    NTS-3200 Series    NTU-3200 Series