NGE100 (U) Series: 100W Universal 4-Port USB GaN Fast Charger

Product Strategy Center / Frank Chen

In response to the proliferation of electronic waste due to various electronic devices and their non-standardized chargers, the European Union officially legislated on November 23, 2022, that as of December 28, 2024, it will mandate mobile phones, tablets, cameras, gaming consoles, headphones, and other consumer handheld electronic devices to universally adopt the USB-C (Type C) charging interface. This move enables consumers to use the same charger and Type C charging cable to simultaneously charge multiple electronic devices. Additionally, Saudi Arabia will also align with the EU regulations starting January 1, 2025.

After the implementation of the standardized Type-C charging interface in the future, there will be revolutionary impacts on the environment, electronic manufacturers, and consumers. This includes aiding in the reduction of massive electronic waste pollution, entering an era of standardized chargers & cables, and enabling consumers to save on expenses related to purchasing different chargers or cables, as well as inconvenience caused by incompatible charging interfaces. MEAN WELL, the global leader in standard power supplies, in response to environmental protection and the need to adapt to the current trend, officially launches the high-cost-effective 100W universal 4-port USB gallium nitride (GaN) fast charger - NGE100 (Universal Version) and NGE100U (US Version).

This product offers two models for selection: the Universal Version NGE100, which comes with 6 interchangeable AC plugs (EU, US, UK, AU, CN, KR), suitable for business travelers worldwide; and the US Version NGE100U, equipped with a foldable US plug, designed for countries using 2-pin US standard plugs. This product adopts a potassium nitride GaN design for high efficiency and low consumption. Its main features include compact and portable dimensions (62 x 30 x 85.5mm), universal compatibility, independent fast charging, global certifications, durability with a 3 years warranty, and eco-friendly packaging.

The biggest differences compared to similar products: Each port can fast charge independently, with the most comprehensive safety certifications (CB, UL, BSMI, PSE, KC, CCC, DEKRA, RCM, EAC, CE, UKCA, FCC), a 3 years warranty superior to the common 1 year among industry, with 6 types of interchangeable AC plugs covering most countries, packaging made of 100% recyclable paper material to avoid environmental pollution. Additionally, it comes with a 100 cm dual-function Type C to C fast charging and data transmission cable, and 6 types of AC adapters (only included in the NGE100 Universal Version), making it a portable, versatile, fast charging, safe, durable, and eco-friendly high value fast charger. 

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  • 90~264 VAC input, suitable for global use
  • Exterior design patent number: 202330347779.4
  • Appearance:

          NGE100 (Universal Version):  Non-foldable AC plug, interchangeable with 6 types of AC plugs (EU, US, UK, AU, CN, KR)

          NGE100U (US Version): Foldable AC plug, non-interchangeable with other country plugs

  • Universal compatibility, one device for multiple uses, can charge various electronic devices
  • Supports multiple charging protocols: QC2.0, QC3.0, PD3.0
  • Global certifications:

          NGE100 (Universal Version): CB, UL, BSMI, PSE, KC, CCC, DEKRA, RCM, EAC, CE, UKCA, FCC

          NGE100U (US Version): CB, UL, BSMI, PSE, FCC

  • Equipped with USB-2C2A 4-port charging interface, all 4 ports support independent fast charging
  • Both USB-C1/C2 ports can individually provide 100W fast charging
  • Automatically detects voltage: 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V, charges upon insertion
  • Protections: Short Circuit, Overload, Over Temperature
  • Energy efficiency Level VI, no-load standby power <0.3W
  • Lightweight and portable (62 x 30 x 85.5mm):

          NGE100 (Universal Version): 338 g

          NGE100U (US Version): 249 g

  • Accessories:

          NGE100 (Universal Version): Type-C to C fast charging cable (100cm) with dual charging + data transmission,
          6 types of AC plugs (EU, US, UK, AU, CN, KR), a drawstring accessory pouch

          NGE100U (US Version): Type-C to C fast charging cable (100cm) with dual charging + data transmission

  • 100% paper packaging, environmentally friendly
  • 3 years warranty