NMD-240 240W DC-DC Dual Output Module for NMP1K2/650 Series

By: Paul Hsu/Product Manager

Ever since product launch in 2018, MEAN WELL modular PSU NMP Series presents superior specification and greater cost performance ratio as key marketing features. Through collaboration among distribution partners and MEAN WELL with continuous efforts in promotion, NMP series can eventually be recognized and admired by our customers. At present, NMP series already penetrated into applications such as: diagnostic/analytic medical care instruments, industrial automation equipment, energy storge system, measuring instruments, Kiosk machines and so on.
After product launch of NMP series, we have been receiving inquiries for dual output module from time to time. In response to demands from the market, MEAN WELL product design team developed dual output module NMD-240 series. Featuring 1U low profile, medical and industrial dual safety, 2x MOPP and so forth on the very basis of NMP series, it further completed the product mix. Therefore, by using single output modules, NMS-240, to supply power to the entire system together with dual output module, NMD-240, to drive control signals of the same system, such common requirement for power solution from various industries to fit for their diversified applications can surely be satisfied!
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  • Dual Isolated output channels
  • Independent protection on both output channels
  • Output voltage of dual channels are adjustable via separate SVRs
  • Two sets of remote-control signals
  • Dual safety certifications: Medical 60601-1 & Industrial 62368-1
  • 2x MOPP medical grade insulation design
  • Bi-color output connector indicates polarity of output voltages
  • Comply with SEMI F47, standard for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • 5-year warranty


NMD-240 for NMP650 Series  NMD-240 for NMP1K2 Series