NPF/PWM/OWA-200 series 200W Class II & IP67 Power Supply

By: Rex Lin/Product Manager

With the booming demand for intelligent design and charging applications products, MEAN WELL continues to develop power products suitable for Class II plastic housing design. Class II stands for products without (FG) grounding and with a double insulation design, which effectively improves the safety of the system and users. Besides, with MEAN WELL's silicone potting technology, these series meet the IP67 waterproof and dustproof standard, providing customers safer and more suitable power products in industrial or outdoor damp environments.

The newly launched 200W products with Class II plastic housing design can be used for different fields and applications. PWM-200 applies to LED lighting products, and it meets the requirements of the IEEE-1789 standard without the visual flicker problems. NPF-200 series adopt C.C+C.V mode, which can be used with any LED strip or constant current luminaires. The linear curve dimming design of NPF-200V series can avoid flicker problem and is suitable for agricultural lighting. Apart from the mentioned features and functions, the PWM-200 and NPF-200 series comply with EN61347/GB19510 and UL8750 certification.

The OWA-200 series focuses on industrial and household applications. Featuring Class II design, it is suitable for electric charging-related apparatus or outdoor intelligent control systems. It meets UL62368 information technology equipment (Energy star level VI) and EN61558/EN60335 industrial and household appliances certifications. OWA-200 series provides different output connectors and waterproof connectors (M15/M19) for information equipment or household application with the adapter for industrial or outdoor damp environments.
MEAN WELL provides different output wire modification service, please contact MEAN WELL's sales team for more information.

Series Safety standard Applications
PWM-200 EN61347
LED Strip
LED Lighting
LED Light Box
NPF-200(V) LED Strip
LED Decorative Lighting
LED Agricultural Lighting
LED Luminaire
OWA-200 U type
E type
IoT Industrial Computer
POS / Koisk System
Small Cell
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Electric Lawn Mower
Automatic Guided Vehicle
Electric Vehicle

  • Constant Voltage output (PWM/OWA series)
  • Constant Current + Constant Voltage mod (NPF series)
  • Meet energy star level VI and CoC tier 2 regulation (OWA series)
  • Active PFC function and Efficiency up to 94%
  • Meet SELV and class II design without FG
  • Flicker free and IP67 design
  • Dimming functions: DALI-2 and 3 in 1 dim.(PWM/NPF series)
  • Protections: short circuit/over voltage/over temperature/over load
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 195x68x39.5 mm


PWM-200 Series  NPF-200 Series OWA-200E Series OWA-200U Series