Product Upgrade Notice: EN 55032 (CISPR 32) / EN 55011 (CISPR 11) Class-A Extension For SHP-10K、BIC-2200、PHP-3500/HV、RST-7K5/15K Series

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As a pioneer in the field of standard power supplies, MEAN WELL continuously enhancing the product competitiveness and expanding the application range. In order to provide more standardized products, we have expanded the specification of electromagnetic compatibility for SHP-10K, BIC-2200, PHP-3500/HV, RST-7K5/15K series.

Originally, the products often equipped with the recommended external filter so it can be conformed to Class B electromagnetic compatibility regulations. Thus, for flexibility improvements and reduce the construction cost for customers, MEAN WELL has optimized the design without affecting the electrical function. Without the add-ons filter, the products can meet the Class A standard of the industrial environment as well.

If you have any questions about this product upgrade, please contact your MEAN WELL's representative.


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