BLDC Motor Drive Design Competition


Motor drive is playing an important role for topics relevant to energy saving and dedicated control system. Following the emerging trends in global industries, MEAN WELL, specializing in switch mode power supply design and manufacturing over 40 years, would like to make a contribution. 

We have been focusing on switching power supply for decades. In this event, we will take MEAN WELL hardware expertise by providing the development kits and relevant design information and combine with firmware for drive control which is developed by the participants. 

MEAN WELL would like to invite students and partners to join this event. To enhance the collaboration between the academic world and industry, we hope this initiative can integrate theory and practice for industrial applications in which we can realise the potential for energy saving and contribute for sustainable development.

Graduate or undergraduate student 
Partners including suppliers, distributors and Industry partners


Activity theme

MEAN WELL provides the development kit(s) including 300 watt BLDC drive motherboard, MCU daughter control card and BLDC motor. Participant is free to choose a motor application to which design a BLDC system based on either Sensorless or Hall sensor + FOC control technology.

Development kit

● Hardware: 300 watt development board including motherboard, MCU daughter card and BLDC motor
● MCU daughter card cable
● Participants can also design own solutions including motherboard and MCU card (each team can have up to 2 designs)


Registration is currently closed

Document and physical work submission date (until September 15)

Please email the document and physical work test videos to (EU) or (USA)
before Wed. September 15, 2021. Overdue will not be accepted.

A report written in English must be submitted including

● Paper report

(1) Circuit diagram of control card and BOM
(2) Test result with description about the configuration and measurement method
(3) Design flowchart
(4) System diagram

● Physical work

(1) Physical work
(2) Test video provided with a link

Judging information

Submission information

1.Technical review:
Parameters of interest shown in the table below provided with test videos; video call if necessary.
2. Report review:
It has details about parameters in table or additional technical part e.g. CANBus or other communication protocol being use. Additionally it should also include non-technical aspect e.g. cost/performance ratio, commercial aspect…etc. Others dedicated to the own chosen application

Jury member

Including industrial experts, academic scholars and marketing directors from MEAN WELL

Winner award

Gold award

Trophy, Certificate and USD 7000 

Silver award

Trophy, Certificate and USD 3500

Bronze award

Trophy, Certificate and USD 1700


Multiple teams,USD 500

Terms and conditions

Participants should complete the registration form in full and in time otherwise it will not be considered to participate this event.
Participants should not infringe any intellectual property rights of any third party. If it is proven involving intellectual property infringement, the organizer has the right to retrieve the awarded prize which will not give to other participant. Participants are solely responsible for disputes or litigation in case of intellectual property infringement.
The organizer has the right to modify, suspend or cancel this event at any time.
The prize is considered as taxable income.
The organizer has the right to make decisions on any matter if these terms are not sufficient.

Contact us


Wen Wu
+31 (0)20 758 6000
Langs de Werf 8, 1185 XT Amstelveen The Netherlands


Kai Lee
44030 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538, U.S.A.


MEAN WELL Enterprises Co., Ltd.    
MEAN WELL Foundation
◎If there are any changes to the rules of this competition, 
the announcement on the website shall prevail without prior notice.


Registration is currently closed

For more information, please contact the organizer via
E-MAIL (EU) or (USA).