Countdown! The design submission of 2021 BLDC Motor Drive Design Competition will be closed in mid-September.

By: Aries Jian/MEAN WELL Group Research and Development Center

Hello everyone, 

The registration for the 2021 BLDC Motor Drive Design competition had officially started since March and received a great support from industry and academic experts. With a total of 62 teams, coming from Taiwan, Mainland China, USA and several European countries, most of them were students, but also many industry professionals. During the epidemic period, the event is continuously running and we had arranged a webinar in May to give a detailed introduction of the event and also communicate with all participating teams. (Link: event description) 

At present, the participating teams have started their design work, and some of them have preliminary results (Link: Report, test video 1, test video 2). Through the design activity, we hope to combine the strength and resources from industry and academia to stimulate creativity and further expand the application field of BLDC.

As a reminder, 15/Sep is the submission deadline, please go to the event website to download the “Report template” provided, and send it to (EU) or (USA). If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.