3+N System Solutions


What is a 3+N system solution?


3 + N system:“3”means Rack Power, Modular Power and System Power and “N”represents infinite possibilities of MEAN WELLs product combination and flexibility, for example: a 3+N system can be 20 units of DRP-3200 + CMU2.
MEAN WELL possesses over ten thousand of standardized power supplies and Professional Technical Service Teams deploy worldwide. Through our Sales and Technical Service Teams, MEAN WELL can provide suitable products and solutions to customers application or even building a customized 3 + N system for the application.


What the 3+N system solutions MEAN WELL has provided?


Currently, MEAN WELL provides:
1.CMU2 power management system solutions
2.System power solutions
3.High voltage DC LED lighting control solutions
4.IOT wireless LED lighting control solutions

5.DALI smart LED lighting control solutions
6.KNX building automation control solution
7.Burn-in power recycling  
MEAN WELL can customize a solution suitable for your applications. If you have questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.


What is the difference between 3+N system solutions and previous service methods?


Being a Leading standard power supply Manufacturer with many different Product Lines, MEAN WELL continues developing more intelligent products with complex functionality suitable for new industries. For the general products, such as enclosed type power supplies and LED drivers, our partners and customers are well familiar with and easy to use. However, for those intelligent products such as KNX, MCU controllers, bidirectional power supplies, etc., our partners and customers may struggle to use. MEAN WELL Technical Service team can actively communicate with customers to understand the application requirements and suggest suitable products and solutions to speed the design-in process allowing MEAN WELL to become multi-industry applications solution Provider.


For the 3+N system solutions, where can I find more information and how to contact MEAN WELL Technical Service Team?


We welcome you to download the MEAN WELL app. We provide 3 + N system solutions information from FAQs, Technology News, Technical video and Seminars. If you are a member of the app, you will receive the latest news. The contact information of MEAN WELL Technical Service Team can be found from the link below:
Please contact our team member in your region for instant service.


CMU2 power management system solutions?


MEAN WELLs Intelligent power supplies equip with communication functions, such as PMBus or CAN bus, which can be controlled and monitored remotely and flexible for more applications. However, some may find its hard to get started. To reduce the time for the whole construction process in power management, MEAN WELL introduced the CMU2 power management system solutions. CMU2 is not only a fully digitalized master controller but also a Graphic User Interface device that can easily execute monitoring and controlling over intelligent power supplies. Moreover, it can optimize and increase system reliability of your power management system.
Application example:
National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center of Taiwan utilizes a power system built consist of many DRP-3200 to drive solid-state radio frequency power amplifiers, which generates high-frequency energy for boosting electrons to travel at nearly light speed. To match RF power required by the storage ring and best power efficiency, the output voltage of the power system must be adjustable between 42Vdc to 54Vdc modulation range for each operating point with a specific RF power level to achieve the best result. The CMU2 supports CAN bus protocol and is able to control output voltage of up to 48 supplies in a system simultaneously and precisely, which becomes the best solution for the application.


System power solutions?


Power requirement, output voltage levels and functionality vary from different projects and applications. To fulfill such requirements, MEAN WELL proposed a set of flexible and direct solutions called the system power solutions. The system power solution can be assembled and adjusted according to customer application requirement. The power is from 3200W to 128KW, the voltage range is 23.5V - 58.8V. In addition, customers also can choose different cabinet form factors. For more detailed information, please contact our local distributors.
Application example:
Maximum power of MEAN WELLs system power is up to 128kW, which makes it suitable for laser applications, including CO2 laser, fiber laser and diode laser.