China-Japan-Korea-Taiwan Alliance Exchange Meeting, Strengthening Technical Support, and Enhancing Customer Services

Northeast Asia Sales Representative/ Alicia Wu

Regional integration driven by globalization has become a vital means of strategic cooperation and competition among nations. Due to geographical relations, economic activities between China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are frequent and dynamic, leading the way in regional economic integration. Through collaboration, the resources, technology, and management experiences of each country complement each other, fostering mutual economic growth in the surrounding areas. Northeast Asia possesses the world's largest and most comprehensive manufacturing system, playing an important role as a hub in the global supply chain.
After overall evaluation, MEAN WELL plans to establish the MEAN WELL Northeast Asia Service Center, led by the MEAN WELL Taiwan headquarters. The objective is to accelerate regional revenue and improve service quality, positioning as the leading brand for standard power supply in the local markets.
During the MEAN WELL SDG Partner Day event held at the Suzhou MEAN WELL Smart Park, MEAN WELL's sales and technical teams conducted the China-Japan-Korea-Taiwan (Northeast Asia) Alliance meeting. To enhance customer product application sales and technical services, the technical service team at MEAN WELL Taiwan headquarters will take the lead and actively provide project technical consultations, customer co-visits, as well as 3+N product application promotion. This initiative aims to expedite product promotion and project development progress.
Meanwhile, MEAN WELL will integrate the technical service and RMA teams in Suzhou. Starting from January 1, 2024, RMA services for the Northeast Asia region will be serviced by Suzhou MEAN WELL. This collaboration is intended to enhance the total customer services. The vision is to create a SDG industry value network, pursue excellence, and head towards the future!

The sales team and technical team members participating in the Northeast Asia Alliance meeting.