Module NMP Power Supply Application

By: Brian Lu/Technical Dept

Electrical Equipment often designs to be either Direct Plug-in or Permanently connected to Electrical Power. Permanently-connected equipment AC power connects directly to the circuit breaker panel and stationery such as forklift battery chargers or fiber lasers in industrial or LED display or high bay light in lighting industry. For Direct Plug-in equipment, AC power connects to the equipment via an AC plug. In Retail and Service industries, Kiosks and Self-Checkout are popular equipment that utilize AC plug to ease the installation. Kiosks and Self-Checkout not only requires multiple voltages but also low Earth leakage current. The multiple voltages use to supply power to the Kiosks internal peripherals such as motors to dispense currency, user interface touch screen, audio system and on-board computer. For low Earth leakage current, it’s mainly a Safety Regulatory requirement to be lesser than 500uA or 750uA for Direct Plug-in Equipment to prevent unreliable grounding path at the AC plug and Receptacle outlet. The multiple voltages and low Earth leakage current together pose a constraint to design the Kiosks because using multiple power supplies to power the peripherals would increase the total Earth leakage current of the Kiosks.

The MEAN WELL Modular Power Supply NMP-650/1K2 and UMP series provide the solution to this application because they supply multiple voltages in a single unit and low Earth leakage current lesser than 400uA max. The single unit modular power supply also simplifies the installation process. Moreover, the two series are certified to the Audio/Video and ITE 62368 to facilitate the Kiosk’s mandatory Safety Certifications. For Medical Industry, the NMP-650/1K2 is also a solution for Direct Plug-in Medical Equipment such as Medical Robotic Arm Cart.  

Fig.1 Medical industry application

 Self-Check in Kiosk at airports: NMP650-HHEH-1, 24Vdc on-bard computer, 12Vdc for touch screen display/audio and 24Vdc for motor.

Fig. 2 Kiosk application

In addition to the above applications, if you have any Module PSU technical questions, MEAN WELL's Technical Team can provide solutions.