PowerNex|CU25003T (-N) Series: Grounding Copper Busbar

Product Strategy Center/Alex Tsai

The Grounding Copper Busbar CU25003T (-N) Series features excellent conductivity, corrosion resistance, structural stability, easy installation and maintenance, as well as diverse sizes and specifications, ensuring the safe operation of equipment and system stability. Its function is to introduce the current in the system into the ground through grounding equipment, reducing leakage current and contact voltage to protect user safety. The maximum withstand current of the product is 250A for the double-row type, with material made of tin-plated red copper and fixing seat material of PA66, all meeting ROHS environmental requirements. Manufactured in Taiwan, it can be applied in factory equipment, building construction, commercial applications, transportation, energy systems, and more.

  • Excellent conductivity material and superior corrosion-resistant surface
  • Diverse sizes and specifications can meet various installation applications and requirements
  • Material of support insulator: 6410G5 PA66 flame retardant (NAN YA PLASTICS CORP.), UL 94 V0 grade
  • Number of poles: 5P, 7P, 9P, 11P, 13P, 15P, 17P, 19P, 21P, 23P, 25P, 27P


Grounding Copper Busbar Selection Guide