After-sales Service


When a problem occurred, how could I check if power supply is still ok?


  1. For end users, we suggest applying RMA service from original purchased sales channel.
  2. For skilled technicians or business partners, we suggest doing a standalone power supply test. First, separate power supply unit from the system and then check the no load output voltage. If output voltage is correct, then reinstall the power supply unit to the system and check again the status. If possible, measure the output voltage and current waveform for further analysis.


How to apply a RMA service?


  1. To claim a warranty repair service, please prepare necessary information e.g. product model name, serial number, defective quantity and defect phenomenon description.
  2. Check with your original sales channel for RMA application process.
  3. Note for delivery cost: customer pay for the waybill sending RMA to service center, service center pays for the waybill sending back to the customer.


Notice on sending an RMA back


1. Please send the power supply unit only. Do not send system load unless otherwise indicated.
2. Pack the product in a proper way to avoid damage due to transportation.


If product is defected and not in the original purchasing country, how to get support?


Please check with your original sale channel for best support. Alternatively, please send your information to local representative offices or distributors for further check.


Cost of RMA service


Free repair service is guaranteed for product within warranty. For, products out of warranty, please check with service centers for a quotation.


Response time of RMA service or inquiry?


General question will be replied within 48 hours. RMA service will be finished within 5 working days (excluding delivery time).


How to recognize an authentic MEAN WELL product?


The best way is to purchase MEAN WELL product from an authorized distributor listed on official website. Customer can enter serial number into the “Product Warranty Period Check” system and verify if the serial number matches MEAN WELL record or not. When in doubts, please check with MEAN WELL local representatives or offices.


How to check warranty years of a product model?


Warranty lengths are defined in specifications. Please check official website specification for more details.


How to acquire manufacturer support for further questions?


Please contact with the service team in your region.


If there are service requirements not within regular after-sales scope, how to acquire support?


Please contact global customer service window: