MEAN WELL at Electronica 2022: Reliable, Strive for Sustainable Development

After four years, Electronica, the largest leading electronic component exhibition in the world, finally took place again live in Munich. During the four-day show, the MEAN WELL team is delighted with the visit of so many customers and business partners. Since 2000, Electronica has been a special place for MEAN WELL, where we meet with all the customers and partners around the world at the same time.
This year at Electronica, MEAN WELL presented our newly launched cutting-edge products in comprehensive power solutions, including Industrial Automation, Charging Solutions, Medical Applications, etc., with the highlights in MEAN WELL latest products in 3+ N system Solutions (Power Management, Building Automation, Lighting, and Renewable Energy), which include Three-Phases High-Wattage Power Supplies (SHP-10KRST-15K), Rack/ System Power Solutions, Bi-directional Power Supply (BIC-2200), new DALI-2 Controller/ KNX Gateway (DLC-02 Series), DALI-2 LED Drivers (XLG series) and the new generation of Industrial-grade Chargers and Inverters.  Dedication to providing customers with more flexibility in the design with a higher power, high efficiency, and various digitalized control options.
Moreover, the SDG Group (Sustainable Development Group) concept of  MEAN WELL, PowerNex, and SHARE WELL, was introduced during electronica 2022. Inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and integrated with MEAN WELL value, since 2021, MEAN WELL initiated the plan aiming to build 100 ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) enterprises by 2030 by expanding its value network with customers, distributors, enterprises, and suppliers to pursue a sustainable synergistic expansion together.  
For more details, see MEAN WELL Electronica 2022 video here.

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