MEAN WELL Introduces New Products at the Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair, Driving Smart Lighting Era

Date: Nov.3rd, 2023
China Marketing Dep.   /Grace Yan

After a three-year hiatus, the Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair successfully ended at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 27th to 30th. MEAN WELL, the global leader in standard power supplies, showcased new LED power supply products and smart lighting solutions, bringing highlights to the audience.

Highlights Recap:

The XLN/XLC series features a constant power design, double-insulated plastic housing, and Class II/2 certification. It allows output current adjustment via the MEAN WELL APP combined with NFC and supports various dimming methods, such as three-in-one, DALI-2, KNX, and IoT, with a minimum dimming brightness of <1%. It is suitable for general indoor and commercial lighting luminaires.
The XLG-DA2 series covers 50~320W, providing compatibility with DALI lighting control systems for both indoor and outdoor LED luminaires. The entire series complies with the latest safety standards and dimming isolation design, serving applications in both "constant current" and "constant voltage." With a metal housing, it can be used with constant current luminaires like streetlights, floodlights, courtyard lights, or standard 12V, 24V, and 48V constant voltage LED strips.

LCM-40TW conforms to the DALI Association's IEC 62386-209 (DT8) standard for lighting systems, allowing automatic color temperature adjustment via DALI digital control to enhance user comfort and productivity. LCM-40TW offers two outputs for different color temperature LED modules, with an adjustable current range of 500~1050mA, suitable for various LED modules. Even without a DALI bus, it can still achieve color temperature adjustment using push-button switches.

MEAN WELL presented a complete KNX and DALI smart lighting experience area, offering digital dimming solutions that make lighting smarter, combining healthy lighting and providing users with various lighting scenarios. Additionally, using direct current centralized power (380V or 48V DC) for lighting offers higher conversion efficiency than alternating current, reducing power conversion losses. It also minimizes the number of components used by power supplies. It can be integrated with future renewable energy generation and storage systems, providing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for corporates.

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The SDG Group held the "Trust and Gratitude" charity concert during the Hong Kong Lighting Fair on October 28th. Corporate social responsibility has always been SDG Group's original intention and part of the sustainable development blueprint. SDG Group has dedicated itself to various areas, including care, education, and environmental protection. Through charity concerts, the group connects partners from all over the globe to spread love worldwide.

  • Let's meet at the Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair in 2024

As the celebration of light comes to a close, a new journey begins. With 42 years of experience in the power supply industry, MEAN WELL aims to collaborate with more partners to advance sustainable development and create a new chapter together!