Built the SDG industrial value network, to promote power supply standardization

By Yvonne Chen/ Group Brand Center

On December 12, 2020, MEAN WELL held the book launch of the group's first dedicated publication - The Power of Reliable Partners. This was the first time that its founder Jerry Lin announced the plan to establish the SDG Group to the public. The plan integrated UN Sustainable Development Goals and aimed to build 100 ESG enterprises by 2030. Meanwhile, MEAN WELL has set 2021 as the launching year of the SDG Group, and 2022 as the year to take off.

The starting point of all these strategies comes from the concept of a "SDG value network." The SDG industrial value network involving customers, distributors, enterprises, and suppliers shows that MEAN WELL has changed from focusing on its own business in the past to pursue a synergistic expansion.

MEAN WELL's new plant in Suzhou, which features advanced intelligent applications and automated equipment, will be completed and opened in November 2022. The completion of the new plant not only demonstrates innovation and execution of the company, but also marks a key milestone for the development of the SDG Group.

The most important secession on the day was the raising of two flags in the Taiwan headquarters. One flag (right) was the power of reliable partners, representing MEAN WELL’s entrepreneurial spirit with good intentions and 40 years of partnership; the other flag (left) was the power of striving for excellence, representing that the new generation keeps advancing with the times, keeps innovating, pursuing for excellence!

We expect to the spirit of two flags can motivate everyone to striving for excellence to reach the sales target of USD 2 Billion in 2024!

Affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, and the continuation of the Russian Ukrainian war, major economies around the world have entered a recession cycle. SDG Group deeply believed that enterprises cannot survive alone but must think of others and need to team up both upstream and downstream supply chains to boost our “industry recovery”. The stimulation plan is based on the concept of SDG Industrial Value Network with Lead Time Guarantee Program and the two-day delivery rate policy. MEAN WELL will continue to offer stable supplies and expect to promote the " Power Supply Standardization " market trend with partners. Let’s work together towards 2 billion in 2024!

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