PowerNex|Product Upgrade Notice: USB 3.2 GEN 2 Type-C Cable Rebrand & Upgrade Announcement

Product Strategy Center / George Lai

Earlier in 2022, the European Parliament and the European Council reached an agreement to adopt USB Type-C as the universal standard for electronic devices. As of 2024, USB Type-C has officially become the universal standard, with even non-EU member countries like Switzerland committing to its use. Furthermore, starting from 2026, laptops sold in the EU must be equipped with USB Type-C ports. This unified interface standard aims to provide consumers with greater convenience, reducing electronic waste and the hassle of searching for chargers.

Under the rebranding to MEAN WELL, products have been upgraded from the previous high-speed 10Gbps and 100W fast charging to 240W (with output increased to 48V), compatible with PD3.1 fast charging protocol. This upgrade offers higher power charging and faster charging speeds, no longer limited to 3C electronic devices such as phones, cameras, keyboards, mouses, and headphones. It applies to a wide range of devices including laptops, audio systems, gaming consoles, household appliances, high-power electronics, and power tools. 

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